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Published August 14th 2014

Find Relevant Leads with #brandwatchtips

Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen & the like, to the first ever installment of the #brandwatchtips video series! This week we cover how to find relevant leads

Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen and the like, to the first ever installment of the #brandwatchtips video series!

We recently launched these videos to show off all the amazing and varied use cases that can be achieved with the Brandwatch Analytics platform.

The lovely Brit will guide you through the many ways in which you can use the platform to benefit your brand – all in less than 2 minutes!

This week we will cover how to use social media monitoring to find relevant leads.

78.6% of sales people using social media to sell their product outperform those who aren’t present online.

But, how do you tap into the millions of potential online conversations? By using SMM of course!

Look For Intent to Purchase Language


People love to ask for advice online.

When throwing their question into the social-sphere many potential customers aren’t expecting to be heard.

However, with SMM you can easily identify those who are searching for a new product.

Creating a search query that looks for words or phrases indicating intent to purchase near your brand, competitors or industry will lead you to the people wanting to buy your services!

For instance “looking for”, “want to buy” or “recommendations” demonstrate a need/ want by the customer.

When these words are combined with those relating to an industry and found in close proximity, you have a recipe for lead success.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.16.06 PM



By setting up alerts, brands no longer have to fear missing out on opportunities.

Instead, an email will be sent in real-time to the relevant person. This allows for them to act quickly and speak to their leads before other competitors.




You can’t just create a Query and expect it to stay relevant. You need to make sure it is regularly updated to correspond to the changes in your industry.

New competitors emerge frequently and the language matures to reflect growth.
You need to change and adapt to make sure you find relevant leads.

You won’t have to wait long till the next installment of #Brandwatchtips! We are uploading new videos every Thursday!

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