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Published February 3rd 2017

Five Reasons Why You Need to Be at Now You Know Denver

Heather Truettner gives us a first look at the subjects we'll be covering at the Now You Know™ Conference in Denver this May - you won't want to miss it.

This May, hundreds of Brandwatch users, partners and friends will ascend to the Mile High City of Denver for the second annual Now You Know™ Conference. I’m here to make sure you’re one of them.  

You may be thinking, “not another tech conference”, and you might be right – our industry is inundated with events, seminars and conferences promising they’ll be different from all the rest. So how can I assure you that Now You Know Denver is one you’ll definitely want to attend? Well, I can prove it when you’re there.

But if my word alone is not enough to encourage you to get a ticket, here are five more very real reasons why you should hurry up and secure your place at NYK Denver ($495 early bird tickets end February 28, when ticket prices increase to $625).

Get ahead of relevant industry trends

The world of social intelligence, and data overall, is rapidly changing.

We recognize this at Now You Know and that’s why this year’s agenda is focused on understanding not only the ins and outs of these trends, but how they can be applied to our work to help better find and understand your consumers. Some topics on this year’s agenda include:

Post Truths and Online Data: In an era of post-truth and online data, how can we look to social intelligence to tell us what’s real about our consumers and what’s not?

Social After Screens – What Social Looks Like in a World of VR/AR: What will social intelligence and analytics look like for brands and consumers in the worlds of virtual and augmented reality?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: When algorithms are written and run by machines, how do we know if the results are accurate? How do we trust machines and AI to help us find insights?  

Future of the Social Analyst: In an industry where even some hiring managers don’t fully understand what a social analyst does, they need to carve out their own roles. So, what skills should a social analyst have in the next five years? Let’s discuss.

Sneak peeks

It’s a big year for Brandwatch.

We’ve got new products and features coming out that we’ve been perfecting for months. We’re excited to give NYK attendees a sneak preview of the upcoming Brandwatch roadmap and some fantastic new products and features we plan to release over the year.

You’ll be able to get live demos at our exhibition pods throughout the conference to see for yourself the power of Brandwatch.

Learn how to get the most value from Brandwatch

Whether you’re a beginner or a super user, you’ll be guaranteed to walk away with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the Brandwatch platform.

The afternoons will be packed with client success stories, hands-on immersive workshops, roundtable discussions, and more.

You’ll also be able to demo and learn more about our packaged services that can better help you find the insights you need for your business.

Meet the best people

This is the biggest and best opportunity to spend two uninterrupted days with hundreds of other Brandwatch users.

You’ll be able to share tips, solve problems together and contribute to each others success. Beyond that, you’ll be able to come face-to-face with dozens of Brandwatchers, from Customer Success Managers, to the very engineers building the products you know and love.

Have some fun

It’s not just two days of learning, it’s two days of fun. From evening rooftop parties to brewery tours, we’re going to make the most of what Denver has to offer.

We’ll also be providing discounted activities all day Sunday prior to the conference (biking, drinking, museums), as well as fun surprises over the following two days (including magic!).

There you have it. Five of many amazing reasons to attend NYK Denver. I hope I’ve convinced you to get a ticket and join us and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Can’t make it to Denver? Save the date for Now You Know Europe – London – October 17-18 2017.

Interested in sponsoring or speaking at NYK Denver? Email [email protected]

Get your ticket here.

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