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Upcoming webinar: Uncover the competitive edge hidden in untapped data sources

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Published June 17th 2011

Friday# 17th June 2011

Welcome to the Friday#

This week in The Sizzle: Apple to punish music fans. In The Fri-Up, The Anthony Weiner “sexting” timeline. In The Sauce: Woman puts a shout out to hitman on Facebook.

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

Anthony Weiner resigns

As the curtain finally falls (Weiner hopes) on the so called “Sexting” scandal, we take a look back a shaky last month for the Republican party as they also revealed unpopular plans to privatise Medicare the healthcare programme for the elderly. Just when it seemed Anthony Weiner was determined to ride out the storm, last night he resigned.

Today we take a look back at the Anthony Weiner timeline:

Fig 1. Mentions of Anthony Weiner from May 17 to June 17 2011

Click the graph to see full size

  • May 28: The story starts to surface on as questions are raised as to what Weiner did actually post on Twitter as the original post is quickly deleted
  • June 2: The story begins to gather pace on June 2nd when Weiner claims he was hacked and refuses to comment as to whose crotch was pictured in the post
  • June 5: (Albeit a Sunday) you could be forgiven for thinking the story had gone away
  • June 6: He decided to dispel the rumours – yes, he had tweeted the photo, he had thought by direct message. Unfortunately not.
  • June 9: As names of the women he had been trying to contact in private came out, the story spirals out of control and high profile Republicans say he must resign
  • June 11: With his admission that he had sent online messages to a 17 year old girl, it seems certain that he will resign as he asks for leave of absence to seek professional help
  • June 16: Weiner suffers the media scrutiny and demands for his resignation for close to another week before finally resigning

As one door closes, another one opens – step up millionaire businessman Tim Haynes

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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