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Published December 16th 2013

Gleanster’s Social Listening Report: Why Use Social Listening Tools?

Many of you digital marketing types may be familiar with the technology benchmarking company, Gleanster.

For the rest of you, Gleanster are a highly prestigious research firm that provides businesses with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about technology.

Last week Gleanster released a new report on pretty much all there is to know about social listening.


The report covers a number of topics and gives insight into a variety of aspects involved; the rankings disclosed were determined by the experience of top industry practitioners.

We’ve provided a roundup of the findings, including the top three reasons to implement a listening platform, as well as which tools are the highest performers in each area.


Why invest in a monitoring tool?

Expanding current capabilities


Social listening gives a company the ability to incorporate digital strategies across the enterprise, strengthening their existing activities.

The call centre can improve customer satisfaction by reducing response times, marketing can gain insights to inform campaigns and identify customer trends, whereas PR can use it help track and protect brand reputation.

Click this link to discover ten ways to expand your SMM activities.

Co-ordinating social with traditional marketing


The benefits of social listening seem to be more evident than ever within a marketing department. Using real-time social data, teams can access an understanding into consumer behaviours, attitudes, preferences, ideas, affinities and sentiment.

This enables them to be more informed, insightful and strategic when it comes to planning marketing activity, especially when different campaigns can be tracked, compared and analysed.

Manage social centrally and at scale


The ability to assign mentions so the right team or market see the right data is a great way for businesses to manage their online presence.


Other metrics measured were ‘value drivers’ and how companies use social listening to ensure a return on investment, the ‘challenges’ that practitioner’s face and the ‘performance metrics’ they use to measure ROI.

Which Tool Should You Use?


Another useful feature in the report is the Vendor Landscape they map out, handy for those who are looking for a tool and would like to see an overall view of how these products can help inform a digital strategy.

Industry practitioners were then asked to rank almost 50 vendors based on four main categories, which the very top were then awarded with a good, better or best medal.

Brandwatch came first (best) in three of the categories, and second (better) in the other.



Ease of deployment

Deployment factors in features such as workflow, which Brandwatch score very highly on and you can read about here. It also takes into account the ability to work with existing systems and practices, which our integrations make as seamless as possible.

Brandwatch score: Best


Ease of use

The simplicity of a UI is one thing, but being able to offer advanced and sophisticated features in a seamless manner with the minimum of fuss is quite another.

This year we completely revamped our UI, which you can learn more about here.

Brandwatch score: Better


Features and Functionality

We spent a lot of 2013 developing new features, and we think we have one of the best product offerings available on the market – and Gleanster seem to agree.

Brandwatch score: Best


Overall Value

We’re the only listening tool that we know of that proudly displays its pricing on its website. We’ve got nothing to hide. With unlimited free users, and an agency-friendly, fair pricing structure, we’ve quite rightly been well recognised for our value for money.

Brandwatch score: Best


Our team at Brandwatch HQ are constantly reviewing, testing and developing our platform to ensure we serve our clients as best as possible, and it really is lovely when a reputable business like Gleanster recognises our hard work.


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Combining high-quality mobile survey technology, a robust polling methodology, and expert data analysis, our bulletins will be essential reading to get the pulse of the nation.

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