Happy Holidays from the Brandwatch Team! Culture

By Jasmine Jaume on December 21st 2012

So, the world hasn’t ended. What a surprise… But, another year IS ending (but not in an apocalyptic way).

It’s been a fantastic year for us here at Brandwatch.

We’ve seen our team grow, our technology advance leaps and bounds, and have welcomed many new clients.

Back in March we received a $6 million investment, which has allowed us to go full speed ahead with hiring the best of the best and developing our app.

All of our offices – Stuttgart, New York and Brighton – have added new team members.

The Brandwatch app has seen some amazing features added over the past year, including Threshold Alerts, Kred data, new topic extraction, fine-grained location data, Chinese coverage and much more. We’ve also ended the year by launching our snazzy new website!

We’re in a festive mood at the moment as everyone starts to wind down for the holidays. We’ve already enjoyed our office Christmas parties, taken part in Christmas Jumper Day, and dressed up the office dog.

Our Gift To You: Play Our Holiday Whack-a-worm Game!
We want to share the mood with you all, so we’ve created this fun festive game, Whack-a-worm. Just ‘whack’ the worms as they appear and get points, but be wary of the evil white red-eyed bear dog wolf polar worm with teeth. Can you make it to the leaderboard? Try it out now:


Thank you to all of you who have followed our progress this year and to all those fans who have interacted with us – commenting, retweeting, replying and generally engaging with us. We love you all!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. We’ve got loads of exciting things planned, so watch this space!

By the way, we’ll be a little less active on our social sites as we celebrate the holidays with our friends and family. We know you’ll be devastated, but please try to keep the tears at bay.

But of course, we’ll still be checking in to keep abreast of what’s happening on the social web throughout the festive weeks ahead. If you desperately need to get in touch with us, please email marketing@brandwatch.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays! See you in 2013!