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Published January 6th 2010

Happy New Year From Brandwatch

Happy New Year from all of us here at Brandwatch! Here is a quick review of the main features we have released over the last few months.

New Dashboard
We recently introduced a brand new Dashboard interface. It requires Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3+, so you may want to upgrade your browser to access it. With the new Dashboard, you can create any number of Workspaces (reports). Within each Workspace, you can create several tabs, and place various components on each tab. The components are like the ‘boxes’ of the old Dashboard, but more configurable. This makes the whole system much more flexible and powerful for data-mining and reporting purposes. The new Dashboard is still in Beta, so as always all comments are welcome!

Query Setup
As part of the new Dashboard, we revamped the Query Setup screen. The improved layout will better guide you through the Query setup process, particularly thanks to a quicker test feature. All newly created Queries are now automatically backfilled with one month’s worth of data; you will receive an email once the data is ready.

Hourly Updates
The Dashboard data is now updated every hour. Simply reload the components of your Workspaces (or refresh the whole Workspace), and you will get the latest data, including mentions, sentiment, etc. This way you can stay up to date with the latest developments around your Queries, and can respond to them more quickly.

Influence Metrics
Identifying the key influencers and the most important Mentions about your Queries is most probably one of your key needs. We’ve added new metrics to achieve that: each mention now comes with the MozRank score (similar to Google’s PageRank – find out more) and the number of inbound links to the Mention’s website. For all Twitter mentions, we also display the number of followers, followings and tweets of the Mention’s author. You can use all of these metrics to sort – hence prioritise – the lists of Mentions.

Video Tracking
For all Queries we now find and track relevant videos on YouTube and other video sites. These videos will show up as Mentions, and you can use the new Video Tracking component to analyse all Video Mentions, and see their history of Views, Ratings and Comments.

Search String Queries
As you may know, Queries can now be defined using a full search string, as you would use on any search engine. We’ve extended this to support ‘Search in domain’ and ‘Search in title’ capability. Use “site:” to only find Mentions on websites whose domain contain a particular word, and use “title:” to only find Mentions on pages whose title contain specific words.

What’s Next For 2010?

We already have many new exciting features in the pipeline.

As well as the ongoing architecture and backend changes, we will shortly release enhancements which will greatly simplify the ‘markup’ of Mentions. Marking Mentions as irrelevant, or correcting their Sentiment will be much easier and quicker.

New data will also soon come through every 10 minutes, rather than 1 hour. Combined with our ever faster Crawlers, this will offer you a much more realtime experience.

Next we will extend the Mention List component so that you can easily tag Mentions, workflow them to team-mates, and track their status as if you were using a ticketing system. All of this will enable you to easily, quickly and accurately Monitor and Respond to your Query’s social presence.

And this is for the next two months only… So 2010 promises to be a very exciting year.

Do contact us if you have any feedback or questions, at or on Twitter @brandwatchtweet. You can also join us on our new Facebook page

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