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Published June 3rd 2013

How Can You Predict What Content Will be Successful?

The idea of ‘content’ as the heart of a social media community is an idea that has really taken root in recent months.

But understanding how to use content – essentially articles, images, ideas and more – to raise awareness of your brand most effectively is of huge importance. 

It might seem hard to predict which content will work for your community, but here are a few ways to get a better understanding of this – and some tips that should work for any online group.

Understand your community

At the heart of understanding what makes content successful has to be an understanding of your community. You need to know what makes them tick; what they enjoy talking about among themselves; and what times they are most active.

This sort of background understanding ensures that you can properly sense the mood and balance the tone (and therefore lower the risk of an ‘epic fail’).

Some things, however, are rules that can work across communities – good tips to understand what makes content in general a success – and what can scupper its chances.

The user experience

The first of these is to remember the user experience.

For example, with Facebook it’s easy to think that people may access your page as a community manager does – but most engagement will happen with the content that makes it into a user’s feed. Increasingly, this will also be via a mobile device.


This is why visual content often works so well. A powerful image doesn’t require that someone click away to another site – one that may not even work well on a mobile device. It’s also easy to share and often self-contained.

Some content fails altogether on a phone – websites with elements of Flash, for example, won’t work on iPhones.

Find your fans

Understanding where your fans are based is also a great way to increase engagement. Think about scheduling a few posts for when you’re tucked up in bed, but your fans in Japan are eating their lunch.

What is success?

Ultimately however, you need to work out what constitutes success for your community. Chasing Likes and shares for their own sake is never a good idea.

Developing an understanding of what the sharing of great content will give back to your brand is the most important thing.


Steve Richards is MD of social media agency Yomego.


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