How Digital Agency Beyond Use Brandwatch for SMM [Case Study] Case Study

By Jasmine Jaume on March 18th 2013

It’s all very well and good us telling you how you can use Brandwatch and how incredibly good it is, but you might be wondering ‘what do other people think about it? How do actual clients use it?’

Well, we like to give you as many real life examples and case studies as possible. For example, we’ve told you how we use Brandwatch and we’ve also shown you how the RSPCA and Arena Media use our services.

Plus, recently we gathered some of our clients together to mingle at our #brandwatchers event, so that they could share their Brandwatch tips and tricks with each other, and learn how others use the app.

This time, we’ve visited the lovely offices of Beyond, a fantastic creative digital agency and long-time client of ours, to find out how they use Brandwatch and how it helps their work.

Beyond have been using Brandwatch for their social media monitoring needs for over 2 years and to help numerous clients, including TomTom and television and radio broadcast service Harris Broadcast.

Here, planner Hollie Bedwell tells us all about the practical ways in which using Brandwatch helps them and their clients:


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