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Published December 10th 2018

How to be a Rockstar Analyst in 2019

All year we’ve been chatting to analysts about the challenges they face and the skills they need to tackle them. Here’s how we think 2019 can be the year of the analyst.

Is an analyst’s development ever done? In an ever-changing world where new technology is constantly emerging, it doesn’t seem so.

In our recent 2019 Analysts guide, we go deep into the skills analysts will need to survive and thrive in the coming year.

Based on those findings, we thought we’d draw out some immediate takeaways to build into your planning.

Here are three ways you can become a rockstar analyst in 2019.

1. Embrace AI

In our guide, we explore the theme of delegation as one of the keys to success. That is, the delegation of the ‘grunt work’ (trawling through data for hours) to machines.

Analysts who are able to embrace AI and use it to their advantage, as opposed to being afraid of it, will be able to free themselves up for the more exciting pursuits like presenting and distributing business-critical insights.

2. Become a pro interrogator

Wherever you work, you should approach any brief that requests an analyst’s time with the critical eye of an agency. Perhaps even the attitude of a homicide detective.

The ability to reduce a brief to its core questions, deducing whether they are the right ones and whether they can be answered with the skills you have at your disposal are essential to avoid wasting time later on.

As we explain in the guide, with input from a number of specialists, ambiguity is absolutely not a starting point.

3. Go beyond your team wherever you can

Insights teams that work in silos are not successful insights teams.

Insights teams that can demonstrate their value to teams across the business are indispensable insights teams.

So, what better way to kick of 2019 than to approach a team with a business-critical problem and help them out? A quick win will kick start your year, and a success story with one team outside your own can help you build bridges with other teams across the organization.

Interrogation, collaboration, creativity, and delegation are key to the success of analysts in 2019.

Want to know how to be a true rockstar analyst in 2019? Read our full guide for free.

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