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Published September 16th 2013

The Guide to Perfect Social Network Posting [Infographic]

One of the golden rules for a successful social media presence is high-quality content (you’re reading some right now, eh?).

It’s fairly unrealistic to expect loads of buzz and engagement surrounding your posts if what you have to say does not interest or appeal much to your audience. (entirely unlike this, eh?)

It’s equally important to stay updated regarding your audience’s preferences, online habits, or most common topics of discussion.

Once equipped with that knowledge, this useful data put together by mycleveragency  provides some hints and tips on producing high quality content for the most relevant social media platforms.


  • Use to track how many people click on the links you’re sharing

  • Post when your viewers are listening, not just when your business is open

  • Include simple imagery in your posts to get high engagement rates


  • Call to action and tailor messages to your target audience

  • Pay attention to grammar and punctuation, as misspellings often denote lack of professionalism

  • Use mentions to prompt influencers to engage with you


Interesting facts:

  • Images with no human faces get shared 23% more often than those with human faces

  • Red or orange images get 2x the amount of repins

  • Vertically orientated images perform better than horizontally orientated images


  • Use full-sized images (800-600 px) to make your posts stand out

  • Get involved with the “Hot topics” to show your brand is keeping up with real-time events

  • Add relevant hashtags to your post


  • Use apps such as Camera+ and Snapseed to enhance your photos

  • Send notes to people who have liked/commented in order to drive two way conversations


  • Be wise and don’t rush creating your vines. Good editing skills can certainly add value to your posts

  • Produce quality content! Be aware of background noise and consider investing in a tripod

And finally, remember that posting content at times when your target audience is listening is essential, so take a look at the optimum timing for social posts for each social media platform.


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