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Published November 22nd 2013

How to Manage Social Media Monitoring Across Multiple Markets

Social data has become an increasingly valuable asset for businesses. It can help in the quest for a new lead, polish up a pitch, resolve customer complaints, and much more.

All of this is easy to manage when you are a relatively small company, but how do you optimise social media monitoring when you have teams in multiple markets speaking multiple languages?

Say, for example, you’re a business that has eight offices in eight regions, you will need to find a way of accounting for the different markets.

Granted, this is where it can all turn quite confusing. But you will be relieved to know that there are a number of features found in social media monitoring platforms that enable you to manage a social global business effectively and efficiently:

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis:

Sometimes something can have multiple meanings across different cultures. So a phrase, saying or word that could mean something positive in the UK could mean something a lot different in another country.

In this case sentiment classifiers for each dialect can make understanding emotive language about your brand a lot easier.

This handy feature enables a business to understand how their service or product is being received by their customers, and what the main grievances or compliments are in different languages and regions.

Command Centres:

Command centres are a great of way of displaying data in a beautifully visual way. The multi-screen feature allows you to build perfectly customised set-ups across the globe. Flexible displays enable you to decide what screens you want displayed where, ensuring that the visualisation is relevant to the office it is displayed in.

It also encourages all employees across the business to see and understand the conversation about the business, not leaving it exclusively to the social media manager.


Location Data:

Location data is an intelligent technique that pinpoints exactly where in the world people are talking about you, working all the way down to a city level.

If you combine this handy system with workflow features you can assign mentions and tasks to the appropriate teams, ensuring the right people are seeing the right data.

Customise and share your dashboards:

It’s no secret that each market is vastly different with the popularity of social networks increasing and decreasing across regions.

Customisable dashboards are therefore perfect for setting up and personalising a visual display of the relevant data. You can also share these dashboards should you want to share your data with your team in another region, or even allow them to add their own queries to the dashboard.

Who’s already doing it?
Spanish-based automotive brand, SEAT, is a pioneer in social business. The company integrates listening strategies across the enterprise and interprets social data to inform high-level decisions, across a range of markets.

Through social media monitoring, their marketing teams can identify emerging trends and involve themselves in conversations with potential customers. Other departments within SEAT using social and online insights to lead their business objectives include human resources, public relations and online communications.

To see more examples of how companies are incorporating social media across the enterprise, take a look at our case studies.

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