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Published February 3rd 2015

Hungry For Profit? How Restaurants Can Achieve Social Media Success

We show you how restaurant brands can achieve social media success, easily.

If you’re like me, nothing tantalizes more than the thought of food.

Lunchtime is our favorite part of the day and discovering new feeding holes is always a pleasure. However, the restaurant industry doesn’t necessarily make it easy for us. Many small (and large!) food businesses aren’t monopolizing on their social presence.

A lack of planning, inactivity online or simply no presence at all are some of the reasons that many restaurants are losing out.

Social is about playing the long game, and although not immediately boosting your income, social will help to raise brand awareness and create a loyal following.

Here are some top titbits for restaurant brands looking to improve their presence on social.

Make your brand human!

People want to feel a connection to a brand, especially one that is going to provide them with an experience. They want to know that they will enjoy visiting an eatery before setting foot in the building.

This can be enforced through an established personality across all social channels.

Having a theme or a certain tone of voice will help customers to link easily between different platforms and create an emotional connection to your brand.

Brighton based coffee company and Brandwatch favourite, Small Batch, achieves this by letting customers inside their business. On Twitter we see images of the staff enjoying themselves, as well as announcing staff birthdays on their Twitter feed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.09.35 AM

Boost your social presence with Facebook check-ins

Having a Facebook page simply isn’t enough anymore. Your page should be filled with photos, conversation and promotions to keep customers interested.

One of the most important elements of your page is the ability for diners to check-in.

This is basically a free advertisement for your brand that comes directly from the customer.

Each time they check-in they are letting their friends know that they recommend your business. This can bring potential customers to your page, as users are much more likely to visit a restaurant if suggested by a peer.
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.15.54 AM

Instagram your food

A picture speaks a thousand words, and when that picture is covered in cheese it can’t get much better.

By posting regularly on Instagram, users are frequently reminded of the amazing food you have to offer. Re-posting of customer photos encourages interactions and demonstrates the popularity of your products.

Also, Instagram is the perfect platform for running competitions in relation to the food you serve.

For instance, asking people to Instagram their favourite burger or shake with a certain hashtag in the hope of winning a prize will increase engagement and bring awareness to new customers through individual profiles.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.36.33 AM

Contribute to community discussions

Reaching out to those in need of a snack is a great way to bring in new business.

Customers won’t necessarily stumble across your profile or walk into your restaurant. Instead a more forward approach may be needed.

By monitoring online conversations that relate to your brand and industry you can discover people who would benefit from your service. For instance, monitoring phrases like “want a bagel” or “need a snack” would be a great tool for a bagel shop.

Your brand could then offer them the solution – your product. This may seem like a direct approach but you are providing an answer to their problem.

Why not start taking social seriously?

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