Incredible Lego Campaign Captures Your Imagination Marketing

By Joel Windels on March 20th 2012

It seems that every single day something comes along that makes you want to share it with others, now we have the omnipresent means to do so.

Indeed, this is the way in which serious campaigns like Kony 2012 and trivial asides like Fenton really take off and become viral hits.

PR agencies and brands have been trying to harness this phenomenon for their own ends for years now, and there are times when this has been successful.

While not necessarily a viral hit (yet), German agency Jung von Matt has produced a mini-campaign that has us struck with its simplicity and potency, and it’s one of those things that we can’t help but share.

A company that knows what it’s doing in the social media realm, Lego, has employed Jung von Matt’s services to promote their iconic product with the following series of pictures.

See how well you can recognise each famous character from these neat little blocks. We got all but one on the first time of asking; answers on a postcard please.

This rat-led group of vigilantes suffered a name change for audiences in Thatcher’s Britain, as it was deemed too violent.

Only easy once you know. This little dude dates from the 1930s, alongside his three rhyme-tastic nephews.

Get this one wrong and we’ll eat our shorts

This creation offers oblique* views of a Gaulish hero and his fat buddy

*not actually oblique. Very obscure clue here, sorry.

No-one will respect your authority if you fail to identify these troublesome kids from Colorado.

Creations of puppet Gods, this lovable duo are definitely, definitely not gay.

If you liked these little things as much as we did, be sure to check out the agency’s website, which is absolutely wonderful.

Joel Windels


Joel is the VP Marketing at Wandera, the innovators in enterprise cloud services and security. He ran a marathon once, and has a wide range of Pokemon in his Pokedex.