Influencers: Dealing out our Brandwatch Twitter Top Trumps Community

By Phillip Agnew on June 29th 2015

Last Thursday we hosted our first UK Brandwatch Live event.

In a swanky west London bar we got together with some of the leading minds in social to explore two meaty topics: social media and business intelligence.

To mark the event, our design team fused their creative minds together to build something memorable for each attendee.

The outcome was Twitter Top Trumps with a distinctly Brandwatch flavor, featuring some of the leading influencers online.



Using Brandwatch Analytics we collected Twitter stats on some of the platforms’ influential users.

We looked at each influencers’ following and the rate at which it was growing. We analyzed their engagement based on their @mentions and retweets, and considered how active they were.

With these stats at hand we put together a deck of 40 top influencers for our event attendees to compete against one another.

So without further ado, here’s our list of Twitter’s Top Trumps. Did you make the list?

toptrumps 5


toptrumps 6


toptrumps 7


toptrumps 8


toptrumps 9


toptrumps 10



toptrumps 11


toptrumps 12

toptrumps 13

toptrumps 14

toptrumps 15

toptrumps 16

toptrumps 17

toptrumps 18

toptrumps 19

toptrumps 20

toptrumps 21

toptrumps 22

toptrumps 23

toptrumps 24

toptrumps 25

toptrumps 26

toptrumps 27

toptrumps 28

toptrumps 29

toptrumps 30

toptrumps 31

toptrumps 32

toptrumps 33

toptrumps 34

toptrumps 35

toptrumps 36

toptrumps 37

toptrumps 38

toptrumps 39

toptrumps 40

toptrumps 41

toptrumps 42

toptrumps 43

toptrumps 44

Want to see how your brand can utilize influencers? We’ve published a guide packed full of tips on how to make influencers work for your brand, and details how you can turn your brand and its employees into influencer.

Who knows, maybe one day they’ll have their own Top Trumps card.

You can download the Social Listening in Practice: Influencer Marketing guide by clicking below. And, as always, it’s free.

But, before you download, make sure you treat yourself to a game of Twitter Top Trumps.

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Phillip Agnew


Phillip is Product Marketing Manager here at Brandwatch, informing clients and others about our latest platform updates.