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Published September 18th 2018

Infographic: Taking a Closer Look at the Future of E-Commerce

Despite often being overlooked in favor of other technological breakthroughs, e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary things humanity has implemented in the last half a century. Guest blogger Josh Wardini asks: What does the future hold?

E-commerce already commands a fair amount of the global market – in 2017, retail e-commerce sales on a worldwide level amounted to just over $2.3 trillion. This number is projected to grow to $4.88 trillion by the time 2021 comes knocking on our calendar doors.

Looking at these numbers, it’s evident that e-commerce has no plans to stop expanding its reach any time soon. However, precisely what the future has in store for e-commerce is still up for debate.

Will it become a universal, go-to shopping standard – the primary means through which we obtain goods and services? Will it be able to eradicate traditional methods of buying stuff in brick and mortar shops? Or will e-commerce continue to reside in the same spot – an alternative to regular channels of spending money that never takes over the reigns from buying something in person?

Answering these challenging questions is precisely what the Subscriptionly.net team tried to do with the following infographic that features 60 exciting trends projected to have a direct impact on the future of e-commerce.

Learn more about how new technologies and innovations will be transforming this increasingly popular shopping model, as well as how the nuances of user experience and safety fit within the context of electronic payments. The infographic will demonstrate how much untapped potential there really is in online platforms despite the fact they are fairly popular already.

You can view the whole thing here or enjoy some of Brandwatch’s favorite snippets below:

Setting the scene: Growth

Setting the scene: Mobile vs Desktop

Next day delivery

Delivery via drone

This infographic was originally published on Subscriptionly.net. Thanks to them for sharing it with us.

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