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Published April 26th 2017

Inside Brandwatch: 30 Minutes on Slack with Heather Truettner

In this new (potentially short) series, our blog editor asks people around the company to spend 30 minutes on Slack with her. Up first: Heather Truettner.

Welcome to a new thing I’m trying out on the Brandwatch Blog, where I ask people around the company to ‘Spend 30 Minutes on Slack’ with me.

It’s an unfiltered, un-edited look into the Slack channels inside Brandwatch, where emoji run free, and there are highly confidential secrets typed every second.

If you’re as nosy as I am, you might like to peek behind the scenes and check out exactly how bad our spelling and grammar is without the spellcheck facility. There’s no photoshop, no backtracking, no post-production here.

In this, the first in what might be an incredibly short run, I enjoyed 30 minutes on Slack this morning with Heather Truettner, our Global Head of Events and Social. She’s spent the past six months planning our Now You Know Conference , coming to Denver on May 8th and 9th.

You may have read her article recently outlining some of the key reasons why you should be heading to Denver with us. It’s safe to say Heather’s got a one track mind at the moment, and it’s entirely work-related.

The first five minutes of our chat have been lost forever, but it was full of stuff that might get us sued, or at the very least fired.

Imagine I’d just asked Heather to explain to me about Now You Know. So, here we go!

30 minutes on Slack with Heather Truettner


Who would you like to see me spend 30 minutes on Slack with? Tweet us at @Brandwatch.

Get your Now You Know ticket here , or, if you can’t make it to Denver, save the date for Now You Know Europe – London – October 17-18 2017.

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