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Published December 12th 2014

Inside Brandwatch: From Pizza Boy to Product Master

I just want to state, for the record, that I have not been bribed or coerced into writing my next sentence.

I love working at Brandwatch and one of the main reasons why is the people!

But, it’s not only the staff that love Brandwatchers, our clients like us a little bit too.

The subject of this edition of “Inside Brandwatch”- VPE Product Strategy Glenn White – is a customer fave.

At one Masterclass he was asked after so many times we had to make sure he was present at the next one. We nearly got #wheresglenn trending, well sort of!

So, let’s find out a bit more about the man behind the product and how he wound up working at Brandwatch in his own words.




When I grow up…

To be honest when I was little I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I thought that I should be an architect or an accountant. Those seemed like grown-up well paid jobs.

It was only when our CEO Giles suggested I should be a product manager rather than an account manager, that I realized it was what I wanted to do. I mean no little boys grow up wanting to be a product manager.

I always had all these ideas but was never great at code. My job is perfect as it allows me to be creative and have amazing people make them a reality within the product.


The road to Brandwatch

I was told I should leave home to go to University and so I ended up in Brighton doing a degree in Business with E-Commerce. Uni was fun but I couldn’t wait to have a real job and earn REAL money!

I worked in a lot of temp jobs, I was a Christmas temp at Argos but didn’t get kept on due to the fact I never made anyone tea (I still don’t as I dislike hot drinks) and I also worked at a closing down pizza parlour.


Cup of tea

My most eventful job was working in a betting shop. I was on a shift and we were robbed!  An 80-year-old man tried to fight them off while other customers still tried to continue placing bets.

After graduating I was an intern at a small agency called Qube and I learnt a lot as it was quite a small team and I had to do multiple roles.

While I was there I was a community manager for a selection of well-known brands and it really helped me to understand the needs of marketers.

Rejection and perfection

A colleague of mine left to join Brandwatch and I decided to go for an interview there myself. I wanted to be a report writer but got turned down for the role!

I was eventually hired as an account manager and worked with some great clients.

As part of my job I was always putting myself forward as a stakeholder for product roles.

In my spare time I did some mockups of how I saw the product developing and I showed Giles.

He was impressed and realized it was something I was passionate about.


When I started as a product manager there was no roadmap or Betas for new features.

Everything here was new, I was learning and so was Brandwatch.

We’ve brought in a lot of new features and worked on some great projects like Vizia.


The most important part

For me, it is all about building a great product. Let’s be honest, we aren’t saving lives.

But, we can make people’s lives a little easier. Understanding the customer and solving their problems are important, we want this product to make people happy!

For my future I see myself here growing the company and shaping the industry we are in.

Maybe I will run my own startup, for now my future is Brandwatch!

Now you know™

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