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Published April 30th 2015

Insights: Location – The Missing Context for Social Intelligence

Social media listening is incredibly powerful. Never before have we had the ability to listen to our customers in real-time globally, using their conversations as opportunities for engagement or measuring and analyzing them to gain insights and new tactics.

From the plethora of data available we know who we’re listening to, we know what they are talking about, and we know how influential they are.


We also often know where they come from, but we’re missing a key part of the puzzle: where they are when they’re tweeting; when they’re celebrating joyous moments, complaining about products, or in prime opportunities for engagement.

Having the added factor of location brings enormous context to building profiles around customers, yet it is not easily accessible, especially not in real-time.

Understanding the difficulties

But there’s a problem – we search by hashtags and keywords to find relevant mentions. A recent study at the 2015 Super Bowl showed that 66% of posts did not include relevant hashtags or keywords like super, bowl, patriots, seahawks or sb49.

Location-based social listening could help us organize the vast amount of social media data and better understand what customers are saying about their brands.

By filtering posts by location, brands can organize and measure relevant conversations and pinpoint interested customers.


While specialized geo-targeting tools do exist, marketing professionals want to use their current social media listening tools to transform location data into actionable business insights.

Location-based social media listening could enable marketers to engage relevant consumers effectively in airports, sports arenas, hospitals, universities and malls; in fact, anywhere, so long as there are people posting.

How location-based data could help

Location-based social media data can assist organizations in many ways;

Sourcing relevant content – Hosting a promotional event or serving your product at a large event like a sport stadium? Location-based data can help you find those moments that are ideal to share.

Monitoring events in real-time – Learn what prospects are saying about your brand at an event or go even further and use location-based social listening to find tangential information- like popularity of topics, speakers, entertainment, and venues.

Generating leads – Find customers at the point of sale – the most relevant time for buying decisions – and engage them with helpful insights or discounts to ensure they purchase your products.

Location-specific competitive intelligence – Using location-based social listening can help teams at large sites such as hotels, concert venues, and airports learn how to improve their marketing, customer service, and operations.

Discovering regional trends – Want to find relevant and popular topics within particular regions? Location-based social listening could help you find what’s trending or declining in popularity- enabling location-specific ad buying, shifting shipments, and optimizing marketing strategies.


Slicing social data by location could add a powerful dimension to social media monitoring and analysis. Organizations that use a social media monitoring service to organize and measure data by location could discover a wealth of new information about the brand and its customers’ needs.

Want to see how Brandwatch can do all this? We’ll be letting you in on more information next week. Also, this is the first post in a series on how location services could change the way you do business – make sure you check in again to find out more.

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