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Published September 24th 2013

Instagram: The Brands Getting it Right

Instagram is currently one of the hottest social media networks out there.

The photo sharing network currently has over 100 million active users, which is a 500% increase on a year ago.

A report back in May 2013 found that 67% of top brands now have Instagram accounts, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily using it in the right way.

Once consumer brands sign up to Instagram, they are likely to gain thousands of followers, so it important to make sure that they are putting out interesting content and engaging with their followers to their best ability. Here are just some of the brands that we think have been using Instagram well:


Calgary Zoo



In a very original twist, Calgary Zoo decided to use Instagram to produce their annual report in 2012. They noticed that many of their visitors were uploading photographs that they had taken from their visit to the social media platform and decided to get on board.

Under the profile CalgaryZoo2012AR, they released the world’s first Instagram annual report using individual images for each section of the report such as finance, facilities and funding.

Highlights of the report included the arrival of two very cute baby tiger cubs and the grand opening of their Penguin Plunge exhibit alongside many other special events.




The sportswear brand has been hailed as a hero of Instagram for a while now and rightly so.

Their NikeiD campaign gave users the chance to design and customise their own shoe, all through the comfort of Instagram.

Users selected a photo from Instagram to be used as a background for their Nike Air model which was then customised based on the colours in the photo.

Once designed users could share their creation with the whole community as well as their friends on other social networks.


Red Bull


Red Bull appears in many lists of brands that uses its social media in intelligent and interesting ways.


They are always at the forefront of innovative and engaging campaigns, and their recent “Instagram Your Inspiration” campaign was no different.

Fans across the country were asked to submit their own inspirational pictures featuring the three colours of the new Red Bull editions – red, silver and blue.

The best entries were then created as billboards displayed in five different cities around the UK for all to see.

With the newest addition of their video feature, Instagram are really starting to rival bigger platforms such as Twitter and Vine.

If you are planning on taking your brand’s Instagram account to the next level, then be sure to follow these tips:

  • Keep it balanced – Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Put out other pictures that will help you to engage with your followers and create a healthy combination of work and play.
  • Connect your accounts – Now that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all use hashtags, there is no reason not to use the same campaign tag across all platforms.
  • Use Instagram’s embed feature – Help increase the reach of your content with the new Instagram video embedding feature on your blog.
  • Follow people back – Following your fans back can make a world of a difference to them and help you to create important relationships for the future.
  • Inspire – Make sure your content is relevant and engaging and will make your fans and followers want to share it with their friends.

Social Slurp is a weekly Social Media watchdog created by Leeds search agency Blueclaw.

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