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Published February 14th 2013

Is Valentine’s Day a Celebration of Love or Lust? Twitter reveals…

So, today is Valentine’s Day. Many of you will be swimming in flowers and chocolate and teddy bears, looking forward to a special meal this evening.

However, many others may be being given the cold shoulder by their other half for forgetting the day. And some are travelling miles to see their loved ones, or going on romantic breaks away, as shown in our recent infographic.

Whatever you’re doing, people are getting pretty excited about Valentine’s, with over 1.3 million comments on Twitter alone so far today – and that number just keeps on going up and up, at an astonishing rate.

But today is also National Condom Day so we’ve done a quick search of Valentine’s conversation to discover how many of those discussing Valentine’s Day have sex on the brain.

Looking at conversation on Twitter today, we can see that within conversation about Valentine’s Day, thousands of comments are related to sex and condoms (just imagine what that search string looked like!).

But it seems that, for many, Valentine’s isn’t just about sex; Twitter is full of romantic, love-filled messages too.

Whilst only 1% of conversation was related to sex, 11% was to do with love and romance, showing that Valentine’s is still considered more a day for love than lust.

Sadly, 3% of Twitter Valentine’s conversation is about being alone on the day, but at least those people have the advantage of not having to worry about reservations and whether they’ve bought the right card.

Anyway, whether you’re alone or not, enjoy your Valentine’s Day (or your Thursday, if you’d rather ignore it’s existence!)



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