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Published April 20th 2017

Know Your Followers: Harness the Power of Community With Brandwatch Audiences

We explain how our Audiences tool reveals powerful community insights from Twitter that you can use for your business. You really can't live without it.

Brandwatch Audiences now lets you discover and study the followers of any Twitter account.

If you’ve spent time and money building a loyal online following you want to know who they are. And not just the broad demographics but the real individuals at the heart of your community and the content and trends they care about beyond your brand.

With Brandwatch Audiences you can dive right down into your following, or the followers of any other account, to identify the most valuable groups and specific influencers that can help you nurture and grow your audience.

Harness the power of your community

Your following is a fantastic, free channel to market to and a valuable resource for potential customers and influencers already engaged with you. But first you need to know who they are.

Getting an overview of your followers is simple and a good place to start before you drill down to understand specific sub-sections and individuals.

The Audiences Summary reveals the most and least relevant demographics and interests in your audience by benchmarking them against Twitter as a whole. It also shows you a word cloud of the most common words that appear in your followers’ bios.

From here you can segment your following in any way you want:

  • By demographics such as gender or location
  • By general interests or professions
  • By people who tweeted about specific topics, brands or hashtags
  • Even by specific job titles or other terms in their bios

Talk their language

You’re building an understanding of who your audience is beyond their connection to you and with clearer segments you can begin to talk to them in a more personal, targeted way.

Audiences also shows you the trending images, hashtags and URLs being shared by any audience or sub-section you’re studying, giving you access to a real-time moodboard populated by the content and topics are passionate about. These moodboards can provide continual inspiration to support your daily content creation. They can also help you sidestep noisy and irrelevant trends on social, allowing you to hone in on the topics that really matter to your audience.

Build authentic relationships

You can also pinpoint relevant influencers that would make the best and most authentic brand advocates and co-creators, find journalists that can boost your brand visibility or even discover potential leads.

Grow your Audience

Audiences lets you explore the followers of as many accounts as you want so you can identify opportunities to expand your community even more.

Start by looking for the followers of the competition. There’s no reason you can’t apply the kind of insights you gained about your followers to them as well.

But you can go one step further and take a look for specific types of people at the intersections between these followers and you own. Audiences lets you combine up to three sets of followers in a search which means you can isolate:

  • People who follow you and your competitors – who are likely to be particularly interested in your industry in general
  • People who follow them but not you – a rich source of potential customers that your competitors have kindly curated for you
  • People who follow you but not your competitors – who may be more loyal fans worth understanding better and comparing to the others to see if you’re better at attracting a specific type of customer

Optimize your Targeted Marketing

With the power to define any audience you want you can plan and develop highly targeted marketing strategies. Achieve a greater return on investment by putting the right messages in front of the right people.

Make your advertising budget count

Audiences lets you export any list you’ve created which can then be uploaded as a Tailored Audience for targeting your Twitter Ads.

This means you can be highly specific about the people you want to send your promoted content to, so for every click you attract (and pay for) you can be more certain it’s a valuable one.

You can tailor your audience depending on the kind of campaign you are promoting. For example:

Target London commuters who work in office jobs to promote your new travel app

Target journalists who follow or have talked about your competition with your latest press release

Target creatives who follow you to promote your user-generated content campaign

Find influencers with the right reach

If you’re going to spend your money on getting influencers to promote your brand then you need to be equally sure that you’re reaching the right audience.

Audiences uses proprietary technology to score influence by looking at the engagement someone is able to generate (and how influential, in turn, the people they’re influencing are themselves) rather than simply how many followers they have.

Now you can also study the kinds of people following any potential influencer to make sure you are making the right call when hiring them, whether it be a big name celebrity or a niche influencer.

This is one of many updates we have planned for Audiences over the coming months. If you want to learn more about how these new features can support your audience research and marketing strategies, get in touch and we can arrange a demo.

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