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12 Truly Incredible Social Media Statistics! Marketing

By Joel Windels on February 26th 2013

There are so many ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ social media statistics bandied around the web willy nilly, it’s a surprise that anyone has any emotion left to express.

Furthermore, the numbers are getting so incomprehensibly big, they’ve all but lost their potency to impress. Therefore, we’ve put some interesting internet statistics into a context that everyone can understand: cigarettes, soldiers, NFL and fat people.

We’ve also embedded a cool faux-real-time tracker so you can play with the stats yourself at the bottom of this article, courtesy of Personalize Media.

Without further ado, here are how many things there are each day:


3.2bn interactions on Facebook

Which is how many there would be if every single overweight person in the world commented once and liked a status once.

1.3bn smart phone app downloads (Apple & Android)

Imagine if every inhabitant of China downloaded one a day. Or if everyone who had watched Gangnam Style did.

500k new Android phones are registered

That’s more than the number of people being born, and the same amount of people that showed up in London on January 1st to thank the Olympic volunteers for their help last year.

270m hours of TV watched in the UK a day.

That’s the same length of time as one person watching every single NFL game ever played, including adverts and stoppages. At least eighty times over.

$75m spent on new TVs in the US

A sum slightly more than the value of a cheque that a former bank chief tried to smuggle into Germany, and slightly less than how much African nation Burundi will be spending on a single mall this year.

16bn texts sent

That’s a text for each of the cells in an average human’s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that we use to think. If only people actually used it when writing texts.

2m blog posts are published

That’s also how many iPhone 5s were sold in china the first weekend it was on sale and over double the approximate volume of words in the English language.

Over half a billion tweets are posted

More mindless tweets than there there are books in the world.

300m photos on Facebook

That’s roughly the same amount of photos as there are newspapers printed each day.

5m images uploaded to Instagram

More than the number of pages currently on Wikipedia, but still less than a quarter of the 23 million chickens slaughtered every day. Not that there should be any correlation between these things.

300bn emails are sent

That’s 20 emails for every cigarette smoked.

10m mins of Skype calls

Roughly how many minutes you’ll have to wait after birth until you can legally drink alcohol in most countries (18).


2bn Google searches

Also how many YouTube videos are watched each day, but still less than the amount of dollars the world’s governments spend on their militaries each day

Here’s a live ticker to show all of the stats in pseudo-real time.


Note: the fast-moving world of social means that these stats aren’t necessarily completely up-to-date, pester Gary Hayes to make a newer version if that’s what you want!



Joel Windels


Joel is the VP Marketing at Wandera, the innovators in enterprise cloud services and security. He ran a marathon once, and has a wide range of Pokemon in his Pokedex.