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Online Trends

Published April 30th 2014

Mean Girls. It’s more than just a movie. It’s an internet phenomenon.

It’s a real testament to the power of Mean Girls that 10 years later, inside jokes from a movie geared toward teen girls are still garnering a massive amount of attention and conversation online.

The coincidence of the anniversary falling on a Wednesday isn’t lost on the film’s fans, who have taken full advantage of the occasion to wear pink, eat Toaster Strudels, and fill their Twitter feeds with references and quotes.

Plus, with the movie available now on Netflix, conversation volumes started skyrocketing weeks before the actual anniversary. Most movies rarely see this level of exposure, love, and anticipation for its actual release day, let alone a decade later for the anniversary of its release.

But why so much attention? And why this movie? Writer Megan Garber’s theory (The Atlantic) matches ours as to why “Mean Girls” has such staying power.

Not like a regular mom

Two words adequately sum it up: Social media.

When it was first released in 2004, Mean Girls quickly became more than just another popular PG-13 teeny-bopper offering. Here, timing was the key to its staying power and its solidification in pop culture.

Beyond the traditional, face-to-face sharing of highly quotable lines and catchphrases, other ways to share content were just starting to emerge. With the launch of social media outlets like Facebook launched in 2004 and MySpace, our culture of sharing (and sometimes oversharing) started gaining momentum, perfect timing for such a quotable movie. So fetch.

Is butter a carb

Other movie anniversaries certainly can set off social media conversations and excitement (Titanic, anyone?), but it just seems that Mean Girls has that social media shareworthiness and, in turn, lasting power that keeps it relevant for teens today who were nary toddlers when the movie first came out. Grool.

Using Brandwatch Analytics, we’ve been tracking online conversations about Mean Girls related to the 10th anniversary so we could answer those burning questions like what quotes are the most shareable, if “fetch” ever did happen, and if everyone really does wear pink on Wednesdays.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Check out the stats we’ve pulled below from the past week and let us know what you think, because it’s just like the rules of feminism!

  • There have been over 170,000 Twitter mentions of the Mean Girls 10th Anniversary in the past week!

  • The trending hashtag #meangirls10thanniversary has seen over 22,000 Tweets.

Mentions of #meangirls10thanniversary
  • People love wearing pink on Wednesdays: the top trending topics for Mean Girls conversation all centered around the Plastics’ sacred law, with about 150,000 mentions.

  • Only 0.7% of conversations were “fetch”…sorry, Gretchen!
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