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Published June 3rd 2014

Measurefest ’14: Social as a Consumer Insight Tool

Analytics, Marketing Measurement, CRO … just buzz words, or useful stuff?

Well, we love lots of these terms (or at least what they represent) and discussing the latest thought in each of these areas.

Accordingly, taking part in marketing technology events is always a great opportunity to keep up to date with the most recent developments and updates in our industry.

Last week, some of our team attended MeasureFest, a one-day event dedicated to exploring the convergence of web analytics, conversion rate optimisation and usability.

Held at Logan Hall, near Russell Square in London, the conference was organised by Kelvin Newman and the team behind the famous Brighton SEO and The Content Marketing Show.

This year’s edition focused on four key areas: performance, analytics, conversions and insight.

We were particularly interested in the last session of the afternoon which concentrated on insight.

Our very own Rebecca Carson, Head of Insights here at Brandwatch, wowed the crowd with a presentation on – Social as a grown-up consumer insight tool.


After kicking off with a visually-led explanation of the evolution of social media analytics, the focus shifted to some hints and tips aiming to help attendees make sense of their social data:


  • There’s a lot of noise around the web and data can often be messy, a bit too detailed and intimidating for brands- that’s why, demystifying social data is vital for making sense of online buzz.
  • Understand your audience and why you’re doing this – from an analyst’s perspective, getting to know your client and their background, expectations and needs can definitely determine whether the research you deliver is relevant and demonstrates value to the business. Having clear goals is also central to getting a value for money piece of work at the end of the collaboration. In most cases, an interest to know ‘what’s being said on the web’ is simply not a good enough brief.
  • Social listening can answer questions and solve issues, but being able to identify the problems you need assistance with and come up with a hypothesis is crucial.
  • Making sure that you know what “good looks like”. Every single social media project is based on a sample of data, so it’s really important to understand your brand in context and benchmark against other businesses.


To illustrate that social media is a valuable resource for consumer insight, a client case study was used as an example. A leading pharmaceutical agency relied on Brandwatch to get a better understanding on how different author groups’ interests vary, in order to inform targeted messaging.

Using Brandwatch’s Demographics feature, we analysed the discussion around HIV treatment benefits crossed by the people who were talking and their profession.


One of the most interesting findings was that while journalists mainly discussed topics such as cure and long term remission, patients are far more frequently talking about living a normal life.

When launching a campaign that directly targets those that actually have HIV, the messaging should be tailored accordingly – based on the insights uncovered, such as this. On the other hand, knowing that a cure to HIV and its benefits resonates the most with journalists, if a more general awareness campaign via the media is being planned then this knowledge can be crucial.

For more charts and insights into this case study, feel free to take a look here.

In a pleasant twitst, we weren’t the only ones talking about Brandwatch that afternoon.

Beth Granter from Brilliant Noise gave insight into the best tools and strategies to use if you want to take your influencer identification to the next level.


In the last talk of the day, she presented a couple of Brandwatch query strings and charts to demonstrate some advanced ways of uncovering real influencers. If you’re into networking mapping and measuring online influence, you can find the slides here.

We’ve got a great summer ahead… sponsoring, attending and giving talks at numerous events globally. Fancy coming along to say hi? Check out our events page.

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