Published June 29th 2018

Meet the Design Team

Love design? Interested in how it all works at Brandwatch? Read on to see some of the cool projects our design team has worked on, and potentially come and join in the fun.

Woah, hello, I didn’t see you there! Welcome to the Design Corner at Brandwatch.

What’s that? You’re interested in learning about Design and how we create the work we do? That’s amazing news! I’m Jo, Website Product Manager, and I’ve been working in the Design team for 3 years. I’ll introduce you to everyone.

If you really like us, conveniently, you can join us! We’re looking for a Lead Web Designer to come and help us level up this very website.

On the website team we care passionately about clean code, modern practices and, most of all, beautiful design. We are on a quest to find someone who shares those passions. Apply now (or send this page to someone who might like to), or check out our musical masterpiece which showcases our team further (made by our very own Ben and Matt).

Anyway, allow me to introduce the team and some of the cool work we do around here.

Ben, Team Lead

Ben loves lemurs, elegant code, and music. He eats hummus on toast at lunch and will talk to you about any crazy idea you might have, no matter how off-beat it is. In fact the more off-beat the better.

The coolest projects he’s seen happen here include our “Tachyon Core” CSS system 🤓 which was built by our developer Pete in collaboration with our old lead web designer. Plus he’s always excited to find out what the latest stage design will look like at our conference, NYK.

Pete, Front End Developer

Pete is the tallest, most coolest guy over here. He sports a beard, has played drums in a cool band and has just bought a car. He eats chili from a can at lunch time. Chances are he will have already built that crazy development idea by the time you’ve finished the conversation with Ben.

His most favourite thing to work on was this here blog – the latest version went live a mere week ago – and the work he admired the most was the design work we did on the Image Insights product launch (check out that glorious animation).

Jo, Website Product Manager

I wear brightly coloured clothes, like to talk a lot, and I will be the first one encouraging a pint at the pub. I like to eat eggs for lunch. In short, I like to get shit done. If there’s a problem to be solved I like to be involved and help the team come up with slick solutions to big issues.

One of the biggest problems we tackled was in a project we dubbed Project Inferno, when our website was a bit of mess. We did some housekeeping to unify designs, cleaned the code, and refreshed it all. The developers describe this as “changing the wheels on a moving car” or “rebuilding a plane while flying it.” Anyway, the result is the lovely, clean website you’re experiencing right now.

Katja, Front End Developer

Katja is new around here, having only been here for a week, so if you’re considering joining us you’ll have a noob to buddy up with! I’m not quite sure what she has for lunch yet, but her favourite thing she admired from us was the Cyberbullying and Hatespeech infographic which was created by Rebecca and Ben in collaboration with the anti-bullying charity DTL. The cool infographic was even nominated for an Information Is Beautiful award!

Matt D, Conversion Rate Specialist

This tattooed master of numbers keeps a watchful eye over every move we make on the website and makes sure we’re making scientific decisions about the new bits and pieces we push out. He eats Huel and peculiar looking salads, and plays a game called ‘football’.

One of the best things he’s seen our team build recently was the animated graphics on our Vizia page – check out the fancy moving screens here.

Rebecca, Art Director

Usually clad in black and white, I once saw Rebeccar in a yellow jumper and almost fainted. She eats Soreen for lunch and is guardian of the Brandwatch brand. Her design baby is our conference, NYK, which you can check out here (oh did I mention that we built that website too?)

One of the most pleasing things that she’s seen in her time here is watching the illustrative talent of Matt get unlocked in the American Airlines and  Co-op case studies.

Matt F, Designer

What can I say, other than Alan Shearer? If you love football, you’ll love talking to this guy. He once tried to explain a football match to me where Newcastle won 5-0 and I had to pretend to understand everything he was talking about. I think he eats Huel for lunch, if you can describe that as food. He makes really, really awesome illustrations for our blog and our reports.

His favourite design thing he’s seen was the work that our David did on the Brandwatch Inspiration event held in Berlin.

David, Designer

Life is literally a marathon with David as he’s run so many! He eats jacket potatoes for lunch and will talk your ear off about his latest DIY project. I don’t think anyone has ever seen him angry, apart from the people of our New York office who once saw him tackle a door head first. He’s one of the longest serving designers on the team so it’s guaranteed he will have touched all designs at one point or another.

Along with all the cool stuff we do to promote our products on the website, David is a massive fan of the experimental stuff we do that sometimes never sees a public eye. Our team values is a great example of our brand at work: Rebecca put them on a cool poster that is a focal point for our working space.

Mikey, Head of Commercial Design

Oh and how can we forget our humble Design Manager, Mikey? His brain is full of so much design goodness and UX experience you’ll be happy to listen to stories about his shed to soak up the useful design snippets along the way. He can never decide what to have for lunch and usually eats our leftovers.

He was actually on holiday when I wrote this blog, but I know that he would have chosen our pattern library as one of the coolest things he’s seen come out of our team.

So that’s our team! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little spotlight on what design is like at Brandwatch. If you think you have what it takes to come and join us then drop us a line – we’d love to hear what you think about all the projects we’ve worked on.

N.B: Illustrations were created by our brilliant Matt Fletcher, who was greatly inspired by one of his design heroes – Hey Studio’s ‘Everyday Hey’ project. You can check out their campaign here and their other fantastic work on their website.

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