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Published January 16th 2012

Mentions of Intentions: Keeping Up With Your Resolutions?

We’re two weeks into the New Year already and no doubt many of you have given up on your profound and life-changing resolutions. Ours was easy: build a giant wall made of Velcro. We’re planning on sticking to it.

But just what were these resolutions for 2012? Just how hard will they be to stick to for another eleven and a half months? We used Brandwatch to try and find out.

Main Resolution Themes

Those looking to change something in their lifestyle were the most numerous to announce their intentions online. The most frequently mentioned lifestyle changes people were looking to improve upon were issues with procrastination and punctuality, which I’d imagine they’ll get round to sometime next year.

The second largest theme regarding pledges for the coming year was focused around healthy eating. Interestingly, many of these mentions also expressed a low level of confidence in achieving their goals.

Oddly, Lucozade and Diet Coke were the two most commonly talked-about drinks when discussion of New Year diets occurred.

Other main aspects people were aiming to change for 2012 were quitting smoking, hitting the gym, finding a new job, learning new skills and sorting out financial situations.

The dawn of 2011 saw the advent of a million screaming, bleating JLS and One Direction fans join Twitter, ruining and distorting the trends for everyone else thereafter. Understandably this had the knock-on effect of producing thousands of delirious New Year resolutions made in the name of these musical acts.

Ladies and Gentlemen

There was a significant difference in discussion of New Year resolutions between the two genders. The fairer of the sexes was far more active in stating their objectives for the year, and females were dominant in mentions about diets and healthy eating.

Three quarters of all talk about dieting was generated by ladies, while a hefty 73% of lifestyle pledges were also made by women.

Men seemed more focused on learning new skills. Unsurprisingly, many of these skills were of little practical use, and a large chunk of them referred to gaming. If becoming a better Call of Duty player is high on your agenda for what you hope to achieve in 2012, then at least it’s a resolution that’s fairly easy to stick to; a rather fun and unproductive year all round for these unambitious dreamers.

High Definition Resolution

The tweets that generated the most interest were generally posted by celebrities. It’s little wonder that the Twitterati are the primary influencers in the world of New Year resolutions, especially considering it’s a field that doesn’t particularly require any degree of thought or expertise. It’s a case of the larger the audience, the more likely it is to be retweeted and shared.

Lady Gaga’s resolution, for example, was retweeted over 100 times. Jokesters such as Ricky Gervais were popular too, proving that a small witticism or gag has the potency to spread a lot more than someone’s benign ambitions for the year.

How long did you last with your resolution? If you’re still going, then congratulations: there’s only 95% of 2012 to go!


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