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Published April 6th 2018

More Tabs, Please #18: Hunt Sabs, Subcultures, and Screenplays

Back again and this week we're looking at Turbojugend, lo-fi hip hop, hunt sabs, and other great reads and listens. Be sure to check it out to pass some time.

Spring has maybe sprung on the UK’s southern shores today. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but today might actually be the first day of Bag of Cans of weather. It’d be freezing by 7, but as long as you can get one tin down comfortable sat in a park it still counts.

Anyway, onto some reads and listens. The album for this week is Floa by Mammal Hands:

“SARAH CONNOR is not the same woman we remember from last time.

An old style projector from the side, light shining out into dust

Behind every great and horrible film is a screenplay that sets out every character and scene. They’re easy to forget about when we’re watching something, but they can offer hidden insights into the writers thoughts.

How 50 Famous Female Characters Were Described In Their Screenplays‘ gives us a glimpse into the minds of screenwriters over the years, along with how some of the most famous female characters came to be.

A mix of inspiring, intelligent, and truly awful, this is an excellent and illuminating read. Carrie Fischer’s example for her film Postcards From the Edge is a highlight.

“I worked out why they’d attacked me: they thought I was a sab. Well, now I am.”

A graphic showing a fox being shot at with a gun

We all have our own personal beliefs about life, politics, and all the rest. A lot of us get pretty passionate about them, usually around the family dinner table after a few beers or wine. Far fewer of us spend a Saturday running around fields and getting insulted for them.

Following the trail‘ is the story of a journalist embedded with some hunt saboteurs, or sabs, as they attempt to disrupt a hunting party charging around the countryside on horseback and jeeps.

An eye-opening look at what goes on away from the public eye, it’s a great look at the dedication people have to their causes and beliefs.

Hire This Artist: Andre D. Wagner

I stumbled across Wagner in this great documentary on his work. It showcases his skill and talent far better than I can here, but I’ll try.

Wagner is a street photographer, something incredibly common nowadays. It’s not an easy thing to do well, and even harder to stand out in such a crowded scene. Still, just looking at a few photos from Wagner and it’s clear he has a unique eye and skill to capture shots other people wouldn’t even notice, let alone capture so expertly.

Also, he develops his own film and while I don’t knock anyone for the mediums they choose, there’s some always been something really impressive about a homemade dark room.

Check out his website here, or he’s on Twitter, Instagram, and VCSO.

Taken From The Timeline

Keeping it sucré this week with a simple Twitter thread about picking up a lost mate on the street, bringing them home, and feeding them a nice meal:

Denim, denim, and more denim

A group of Turbojugend sitting on a dock

I’d never heard of the Turbojugend until I met the local chapter at football match. Despite living in this city for a decade and thinking I was pretty connected with the music scene, this global subculture had completely passed me by.

Family, Fandom And Anti-Fascism: Meet The Turbojugend‘ looks at the history of this movement from its tongue-in-cheek 80’s beginnings to the full-fledged worldwide community it is today.

Whenever you read another thinkpiece claiming subcultures are dead, have a read back of this one.

It’s just so very dark, and so very pretty

Zoomed out image of the universe

Space, like jungle, is massive. And a great way to creep yourself is to try and put it all into a spatial perspective that you can understand. And then it seems really massive.

100,000 Stars‘, a Google Chrome experiment, is admittedly from 2012, but I just rediscovered it and thought it was worth shining a light on again. In it you can essentially take a tour from the Sun outwards through 100,000 stars in a beautiful interactive visualization.

And, if that isn’t enough, someone made a 2,000,000 version that while isn’t as in-depth with labels or as pretty, is still damn impressive.

Watch And Listen: lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to

I kept seeing this mentioned online, mostly in some kind of joke reference I never understood, so it’s taken me ages to catch up with this. I stuck it on a few months ago and it’s been a near constant background to me working. Hey, I’m listening to it right now even.

lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to is a collection of live streamed YouTube videos that offer up exactly what the title says. The music plays over a looped video, usually anime, of someone doing some thing simple, like studying or looking out a window.

To find some quickly, head here and get listening.

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