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Published February 2nd 2018

More Tabs, Please #9: Ballgown Fighting, Street Food, and Hamilton

A new month, a new More Tabs, Please. This week we've got murder plots, street food, and Fallout. We've also gout our usual suggestions for artists and podcasts.

That’s it. January is out of here and we can all pretend we were only miserable because of the month. Into February we go with all its delights like ‘being cold but not as much as January” and ‘being dark but not as much as January’. Pure heaven.

This week’s album is Shuggie Otis’s Freedom Flight:

Street food heroes

A street vendor in NYCIn cities particularly, people selling food on the street is ubiquitous. It’s been going on since at least Ancient Greece. In other words, we take for granted that we can grab something quick and easy while on the go.

Hidden in Plain Sight‘ speaks to the people serving up this food, explaining the work they do and digging in to their life stories. The artist behind it, Michelle Hessel, has also created 3D models of the vendors.

The article includes some great interviews as well. Show some love to your local hot dog stand today and stop being so heartless. Give ’em a hug.

The Culinary States of America

Maps of New York and Memphis showing which areas like particular types of food

More food (I’m really hungry). This time we’ve got some incredible maps showing what cuisine is popular where.

What is the Pizza Capital of the US?‘ uses Google data to see what types of restaurants Americans love, the top delicacies by city, and a bunch of other interesting data points.

You can find out some great insights, such as the visited restaurant cuisine by county and neighborhood, or where BBQ is most popular.

This will be particularly useful if you only eat one type of food and are planning a trip to the States.

“God created Channelview so the people of Pasadena would have someplace to look down on.”

Way back before Netflix you had to read to get your true crime fix. And ‘The Cheerleader Murder Plot‘ is a prime example.

This long read from 1991 tells the story of a  mother who wants their child to succeed by any means necessary, even if it involves killing off a competitor.

It’s an engrossing read that also speaks on the struggle of ambition restrained and small-town competition. It’s also terrifying.


Hire This Person: Yukai Du

I’m a sucker for space animations, so when I saw some of Yukai Du’s work I had to feature her in this week’s More Tabs, Please.

An illustrator and animator, her work is colourfully vivid and often features geometric shapes and patterns, while retaining realism for her human depictions despite the often stylised backgrounds and environments. And I wanna see more of it, damn it.

So hire her today.

Her website is here, and you can also find her on Twitter, Behance, Instagram, Vimeo, and LinkedIn.

Taken From The Timeline

Often, there’s information you don’t really need until you have it. For me, this is the intricacies of fighting in ballgowns. This important Twitter thread explains all.

Peace in the apocalypse

Most Fallout fans would call me mean names for thinking the forth installment of the game is any good. And it is, so I don’t care. But now I have an extra reason why.

I spent 453 hours in Fallout 4 and all I got was this stinkin’ inner peace‘ details how using the settlement builder functionality in Fallout 4 helped the author deal with their anxiety and depression.

It’s a great example of how games can be far more than just games to many of us. It might even get you to pick up a controller for the first time.



In the 1970s and 1980s, New York City was a very different place. Back then, for example, Times Square was not the clean safe tourist haven it is today and was instead was filled with porn theatres.

To get an idea of the atmosphere of the city back then, you should look to the art and artists it produced. ‘The Grime and the Glamour: NYC 1976-1990‘ will help you do just that.

Looking at everyone from filmmakers to musicians, this piece does an superb job of shining a light on one of the most exciting times New York has ever seen.


From MC Big Pun to founding fathers

Hamilton started in 2015 and, with tours ongoing, has been a massive success, particularly in the US. But how did the life of a founding father end up being portrayed like this?

How Lin-Manuel Miranda mined classic hip hop to create a Broadway musical phenomenon‘ charts the story of Hamilton and its creator, and the hip hop artists he used for influence.

This includes the likes of MC Big Pun, Fat Joe, Biggie Smalls, and Mobb Deep. Worth a read for the songs alone.



Watch and Listen: Listen to a Life

A really straightforward concept this one. A famous person and a recording of someone with a pleasant voice reading out their biography. It’s nearly meditative.

These are coming from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, which means you know it’s got to be good. They’ve got over 250 of these things looking at notable people, from famous scientists to sports stars.

You can find them all here. And below we’ve embedded the biography of the suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst.

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