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Published November 16th 2017

More Tabs, Please #1: Robots, Dead Poets, and Bugs

Want something interesting to read? Here's More Tabs, Please where we recommend a number of excellent articles and interesting listens.

Welcome to More Tabs, Please. This is Brandwatch’s new series where we collate a bunch of recommended content we think you should see.

We’ll be suggesting stuff every week (even if it’s not from this week), including articles, podcasts, artists, designers,  music and whatever else.

Any topic is fair game. Our customers are a diverse bunch, and we’re pretty sure you’ve got interests beyond marketing and business (although we’ll include those topics in this series as well). We’ll be including a diverse range of areas and subjects. The only criteria we have is that it has to be interesting.

To start with, we’ll always give you an album to listen to while you go through the post. For the first ever More Tabs, Please, we’ve got Orlando Julius, a legend and pioneer of afrobeat and afro soul. The chosen album is the 1966 classic Super Afro Soul, although this Spotify version has some extra tracks from later on in his career.

So grab a drink, press play, and start scrolling.

“Apparently, on OkCupid, you’re allowed to be a harassing perv, but under no circumstances can you pretend you’re a dead poet.”

Black and white portrait of Emily Dickinson

Here’s a question you didn’t know you wanted answered: how would Emily Dickinson fare on dating sites?

I Pretended to Be Emily Dickinson on an Online Dating Site” is a humorous piece about exactly what the title says that also delves into how we use things like Tinder and OKCupid to create images of ourselves.

The piece begins with the author, Erin Bealmear, joking with her friend about Dickinson having a dating profile, and, before long, she gets one. In to time at all Bealmear begins interacting with users through it.

You’ll have to read for yourself to see how ‘Dickinson’ got on.

Sexism in the Slack channels

The workplace is forever evolving. For example, rather than just sending emails to each other, now we have emails and Slack. See. Progress.

While businesses can be quick to adopt new technologies, they can be slower with other things. Such as paying people equally, or making sure employees aren’t regularly sexually harassed.

Many companies are trying to address this, but one area they might overlook is Slack. This in-depth and eye opening piece “Your company’s Slack is probably sexist” is an important read.

Where is the 280 character timeline?

Two chart showing how many characters people use on Twitter

We all dreaded it. A 280 character timeline. 280 characters quote-tweeting 280 characters. Wind-up merchants just putting in 280 line breaks. Pure hell.

This piece, “Twitter Outer Limits : Seeing How Far Have Folks Fallen Down The Slippery Slope to “280” with rtweet“, therefore comes as a relief. Someone’s crunched the numbers and they’re not looking too ugly.

There’s a great set of charts here showing character usage by Twitter client and a good explanation of how it’s done.

Great for any data scientists using R out there.


Hire This Person: Jean Wei

An animation of of moving light revealing the outline of a figure in the dark

Rope and Railing

In this section we’ll feature a talented creator, in whatever form, that we think our readers should hire for work. Our first person is Jean Wei, an illustrator who’s a dab hand at digital image-making and animations as you can see above.

Wei’s style is entirely unique and varied, flipping between the wholesome and comical, to the dark and serious.

Along with standalone images, Wei also creates beautiful comics, with the animated ones being particular highlights.

You can check out her portfolio here. And you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Hire her.

Your iPhone is a bug spreader

Back in November, Apple released the 11.1 version of iOS. So far, so routine. Until people wanted to start talking about themselves.

A bug appeared converting the letter ‘i’ into an ‘A’ along with a question mark and a box. Not good.

The “A [?]” iPhone Bug Spread Like a Virus” follows Nick Locascio’s as he analyzes and visualizes data to see if the bug was spread from phone to phone.

Perfect for sending to the Apple fanatics in your life.

This guy builds robots to save humanity rather than destroy it like the robots want

Movies and TV shows have given us an in-built distrust of robots. Nevertheless, scientists continue to create new, more-advanced robots, increasingly able to murder us all.

Luckily there’s people like Cristoph Salge who features in “How to Build a Robot That Wants to Change the World“. I’ll clarify he intends for the better.

This is an intriguing interview that covers the major issues of robotics, such as the prospect of all-powerful AI and how new technology can be used to help humankind.

Arrivederci numero uno

A living legend for the Italian people retired on the 14/11/2017.

Gianluigi Buffon, Italy’s goalkeeper for twenty years, played his final match for the national team as they unceremoniously failed to reach the World Cup.

EVERYBODY LOVES GIGI” is an incredible and superbly written profile of one of the world’s most famous and dedicated footballers.

It’s not a new piece, but it’s made all the more poignant with Buffon’s retirement. Good luck, Gigi.


Watch and Listen: You Must Remember This

In this section, each week we’ll suggest a podcast or video series worth investing some proper time into once you’re done reading.

Up first is You Must Remember This, a podcast focused on the history of Hollywood’s first century. These stories are not the ones you would have heard many times before. They’re intricately researched, throwing together full pictures of some obscure moments in Hollywood.

The latest run of episodes have concentrated on the horror legends Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, looking at their entire careers from start to finish. For two actors known by their famous early roles, their lives after fame are hugely interesting.

Check out one of their episodes below:

Want more? Check out our other issues:

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