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Published January 25th 2016

News: Brandwatch and Hootsuite Just got Even Better

It’s our philosophy to be the best we can be at all of the things we do, rather than just okay at many.

As Scott Brinker noted in his recent piece for Customer Think, “The major marketing clouds are foundational players in the martech ecosystem, but the narrative that one-suite-will-rule-them-all has diminished in recent months.”

This is the reason behind our approach to integrating with other best in breed tools and, in line with our philosophy, we only integrate with others at the top of their game in their respective areas.

Our customers can be sure that when they use one of our trusted partners alongside Brandwatch, they’re getting the quality they’re used to.



Listening and engagement in one place

Back in 2013 Hootsuite was one of our first integrations, so it thrills us to announce a major update to the integration to make it even more useful and intertwined than before.

The integration is perfect for those who want to couple the in-depth listening and analytics you get from Brandwatch Analytics with the advanced engagement, workflow and social media management capabilities Hootsuite provides to manage social at scale.

The integration can aid:

  • Community and reputation management – Track a continuous stream of all mentions of your brand from across the web in real-time, and manage, assign and respond from one place.
  • Influencer marketing – Seamlessly manage influencer relationships and identify opportunities to engage with influencers across the web.
  • Customer service – Never miss a customer service mention – wherever they take place – and seamlessly route them to the right person for a fast response.
  • Social selling – Find potential new customers and audiences and route them to the right person to make the most of selling opportunities.

All of this is made possible by streaming in the very refined, segmented and accurate data you can find using Brandwatch Analytics straight into your Hootsuite Dashboard alongside your owned media, so all of your management and engagement can happen from one place.


As our users are using social data in ever-more advanced ways, our integration is evolving to reflect the needs of our customers.

We’ve worked closely with our users and the Hootsuite team to provide a whole host of new updates to the integration to make your job that little bit easier.

More advanced filtering for more targeted listening

You can now apply all the power of Brandwatch’s Rules, Author Lists and Categorization to your streams in the Hootsuite Dashboard.

  • Apply or exclude Categories and Tags to get the right mentions in front of the right people

You can now apply or exclude your Categories and Tags set up in Brandwatch to your mentions stream within Hootsuite so that you can focus on a specific subset of mentions.


For example, you can automatically categorize mentions in Brandwatch into buckets for different products, departments, regions or issues, and then set up your Hootsuite dashboard to reflect these buckets with different streams for each.

Plus, you can now also ‘search within’ a stream to see a subset of mentions including specific words or phrases on the fly – for example if you want to quickly see mentions about an emerging topic around your brand.

  • Use Author Lists to zone in on conversation by persons of interest

Within Brandwatch you can create lists of authors – these may be influencers you’re interested in, or a specific group of people you want to understand better.


You can now apply those Lists to your Brandwatch streams within Hootsuite to only view mentions by them – be that within a Query about your brand so you know when an influencer mentions you, or within a broader topic Query if you’re interested in what a specific group says about a particular topic.


Use Hootsuite’s workflow to seamlessly manage mentions

You can now use all of Hootsuite’s workflow options on mentions in your Brandwatch stream, right from within the Hootsuite dashboard.

So if your Brandwatch Query finds a customer service mention on a forum that needs looking into, or a blog is relevant to a particular region, you can instantly assign it to your colleagues within Hootsuite and they can respond right away.

Set up streams for whole Query groups for all the data you need in one place

You can now set up streams within your Hootsuite dashboard to view mentions from a whole Query group rather than just individual Queries.

This can be useful if, say, you want a stream showing all competitor conversation (rather than a stream per competitor) or want to view all conversation about all products in one stream.

In addition, you’ll notice some other ‘look and feel’ updates to the Brandwatch streams within Hootsuite that make your experience better, such as displaying images within the stream so you no longer need to click through to view them.

The integration is available to all Brandwatch customers with a Hootsuite Enterprise subscription – for details getting set up, click here.

If you’re already using the integration, you will automatically get these updates as of today.

If you’d like to know more about how the Brandwatch and Hootsuite integration can help you streamline your social listening and management, get in touch.

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