New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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Published September 10th 2015

New: Understand the “Why?” Behind Trends Faster with Vizia Explain

Social analytics is impressive – constantly aggregating, organizing, and processing millions of data points to show us trends and anomalies in real time.

Social intelligence goes a step further, translating that information into actionable insights. It effectively turns the “what?” to “why?” allowing marketers to make decisions and take action quickly.

Getting to these actionable insights is now faster and easier: with Vizia Explain, you can get to the “why?” behind trends, instantly.

Vizia Explain automatically uncovers when there have been sudden spikes in brand conversation, and displays the topics driving those trends as part of your Vizia display.


The beauty of Vizia is that it makes social data available to everyone in your business in an understandable and visually-pleasing format.

Vizia Explain now makes that social data displayed by Vizia even more useful to those viewing it (who may not have access to the Dashboards themselves), giving more context around how brand conversation is changing.

How does it work?

You can turn on Vizia Explain on the History tile, which shows you conversation volumes over time. You can display any time period, so you may want to show conversation over the last day, week, month or more to view how conversation has changed over a given period.

Vizia Explain then automatically animates to highlight peaks and displays the top topics within the conversation driving those peaks – you can choose how frequently and for how long those topics are displayed.


Peaks are determined by their deviation from the average daily volume of mentions over past days, and you can customize the length of time for the average. 

Understand conversations as they happen

Use Vizia Explain to understand what’s driving conversations for events or campaigns in real-time.


See trends over time

Visualize brand conversation over a longer time period to understand the trends and what drove them.



More coming soon

Brandwatch is driving to supply faster, more complete enterprise social intelligence for you to make smarter, better informed decisions, and Vizia Explain is another step in that direction.

Be on the lookout for more enterprise social intelligence features coming soon.

For help setting up Vizia Explain, Brandwatch users can read the user guide.

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