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Published October 18th 2017

NYKConf Europe 2017: Day Two Live Blog

It's day two of NYKConf, which is always more bleary-eyed and fuzzy headed. Get a bacon sarnie, get settled in and follow along the live blog!

It’s day two, people!

There are a few sore heads and I’ve heard rumours of a couple of people sleeping behind the stage last night, so today’s going to be a rollercoaster, I’m sure. In fact, today’s social feed is brought to you by the letters I,R,N,B,R, and U.

You can catch up on everything that happened yesterday right here!

If you’re here, don’t forget to get your all-inclusive guide to  by downloading the app – the password is brandwatch17.

Latest updates will appear at the top. Onwards!

3.25pm – Ditch the Label and Brandwatch: Mental Health Study, 2017

Ed Crook, our Research Manager here at Brandwatch, is explaining how we collected and sifted through these 12.9million ‘gnarly’ mentions around mental health.

FYI, the full study is being spoken about in a parliamentary hearing tomorrow and will be published in full next Thursday. As it’s all under wraps, I can’t spill the beans to much on this one.

Downstairs the training teams are running some hands-on sessions. Right now it’s ‘Telling a story with your social insights’.

Data storytelling is now one of the key skills that companies are looking for in data analysts. How can we tell a compelling story with our rich and sometimes very large social datasets?

If you’re down there, you’re going to learn:

1. How to best design and visualise social research
2. How do we best present the findings (face to face or webinar) to help our audience easily identify the key takeaways
3. Theory, practice and sharing of learnings.

Sorry if that doesn’t make proper sense in this context. I literally copied and pasted it and I have no brain left to edit it. Just had my first AND ONLY typo pointed out (I hope) – not bad, 5,000+ words in.

*thinks about that one typo at midnight every night for a week*

3.07pm -Ditch the Label and Brandwatch: Mental Health Study, 2017

Before we close today we’ve got a stormer of a keynote.

We’ve joined forces with Ditch the Label to create the largest mental health study ever, analyzing millions (I’ll update with the correct figure when it’s confirmed!) of social posts between 2012 and 2017.

UPDATE! It’s 12.9million.

In this session, Ditch the Label and Brandwatch will discuss this groundbreaking study on the online discourse of mental health to better understand the needs and challenges faced by those experiencing mental health issues, as well as helping shed a light on public attitudes toward mental health and providing constructive advice on how they may be improved.

Ditch the Label and Brandwatch captured social data and paired it with data from existing research to answer core questions, and unveil new insights into public attitudes about mental health.

2.35pm – Coffee break

I’m really tired.

2.15pm – How social listening influences the content the BBC creates and commissions

Jenny’s sharing all her social strategy secrets. They have what she calls a ‘fluid’ strategy to create deep engagement within their audiences.

Happy 195th birthday – we’re listening to how social data informs how BBC content is created/commissioned ??

michelle goodall


We’re now learning about how BBC creates ‘proactive reactive’ content for social, and also when you don’t do social listening, things can go wrong.

When you’re going off gut instinct you can’t be right all the time, however brilliant you are. Thats how social listening can help you.

2.05pm – How social listening influences the content the BBC creates and commissions


Social listening is one of the most effective ways to understand your audience and keep up to date with trends.

We are now hearing how BBC TV saw phenomenal results when Brandwatch was used to directly inform the marketing content that was created for certain shows, and join them on the next step – using Brandwatch to access their audience’s opinions to influence how existing shows are edited week by week and which new shows the BBC should be commissioning in the future.

On stage is Jenny Woods, Social Media Research Lead.

1.55pm – Workshop

What’s happening down the stairs in the workshop track, I hear ye cry.

As social analytics become an increasingly established research tool, analysts are attempting to look beyond specific channels by combining different data sources to create a more holistic picture. Where does social fit within the research mix?

Our secret (not so secret) weapons, our in-house research team, is going through the following:

1. Understand what are the pros and cons of various datasets when integrated with social
2. How can we integrate image analysis with our social text analysis?
3. Theory, use cases, practice and sharing of learnings.

It’s heads down time.

Meanwhile, Sophie from Co-op’s talk in the ballroom is shaping up to be one of my favourites. Love hearing how what we do actually helps make a difference. I think I want to work there when I’m a grown up. Don’t tell anyone.

1.45pm – One step ahead: How Co-op uses Brandwatch to inform their business

Sophie is sharing some really interesting stories around how they use Brandwatch – including the time their PR team knew about a fire in a store in Wales before the fire service did because of our lightning-fast alerts.

Here’s some people clapping, which is definitely related.

Sophie just dropped a quote I love.

We’re making sure the voices on social are being heard by our senior teams.


1.35pm – One step ahead: How Co-op uses Brandwatch to inform their business

Do you know what shop I almost love as much as the perfect combo of Lidl basics plus Waitrose posh bits? The Co-op. Fresh out of lunch (delicious, thank you) we’re straight back into an afternoon of awesome talks and workshops over two floors.

Highlighting the work of their Food Policy teams, we’ll be learning how Co-op is using Brandwatch to help inform business decisions, spot opportunities and stay one step ahead of the competition.

On stage is Social Media Community Manager, Sophie Newton.

Co-op uses Brandwatch for a ton ‘o’ stuff.

They use us for brand reputation and crisis management, conversation alerts, campaign reporting, influencer marketing, and what they call ‘data hacking’.

11.55am – Panel: The Misconceptions of Social

The panelists agree that as a social analyst, it’s tough to see your hard-worked-on reports go unnoticed.

We have an answer for that!

Have you checked out Vizia 2 yet? Get on it!

11.34am – Panel: The Misconceptions of Social

Our superstar Product Manager (ex-head of our research team) Emelie Swerre is hosting the next session.

Traditional market research like surveys and focus groups are helpful, but it’s possible you aren’t getting the full picture.

There’s another large data set analysts often don’t consider in their research techniques. Social intelligence can be the answer to finding the perfect balance between the scalability and the detailed insights you need to know about your customers.

Our panelists will prove (PROVE!) the credibility of social intelligence in this ever-changing consumer insights market.

Ben is talking about how social media is so much more than just Twitter, Facebook, and millennials. We need to change our mindset on social for organizations and data, and there are a lot of nodding heads in the room.

Social data is no longer in silos. It’s most powerful when we combine multiple data sets, including ecommerce data.



11.14am – Main ballroom

We’ve had cake, we’ve had very strong coffee, we’ve started to get hyped for the party tonight.

Up next we’ve got an awesome panel on the misconceptions of social – after our resident magician dazzles us once again.

Check out this all-star line up:


10.35am – Main ballroom

Remember yesterday when I said this…

Well, this just happened. So I didn’t lie!

WE’RE BREAKING FOR SOME EXTRA STRONG COFFEE. Oops, caps. I’m going to keep them in, because authenticity.

10.22am – When Numbers Fail

This talk began with the words “There is a spectre of doom descending over all of us.” We’re hooked in.

He’s covering making data-driven lunch decisions in the Brandwatch NYC office.

If you thought it was as easy as simply holding a vote between salad, sandwiches and pizza when you’re working with a load of data scientists, you’d be very, very wrong.

I introduced all of this mathematical and economic theory in order to try and swing the vote for pizza for lunch.

DR paul siegel

“I believe we can solve problems, we can make better decisions.”

In the last 8 minutes we’ve heard about the COMPAS algorithm, and Arrow’s Impossibility Theorum. He’s now moved on to Minority Report. And now Reverand Thomas Bayes. SO. Much. Good. Content.

How you make decision using data is more important that the #data itself, states Paul Siegel #NYKCONF #decisionmaking

10.12am – When Numbers Fail

Dr Paul Siegel is on the stage, ladies and gentlemen! He’s bloody great. Got an awesome cat.

Our daily lives are filled with indices, scores, statistics, metrics, and KPI’s.

Somehow we are supposed to assemble these mountains of data into a straightforward business decision, like what feature to build or where to advertise our products. How can we construct a single metric which captures all of this complexity? How can we find the perfect line chart which summarizes market trends?

The answer is simple: we can’t, and we should stop trying.

The structures which actually govern people’s wants, needs, identities, and behaviour are just too complex for one-size-fits-all solutions.

In this presentation Paul Siegel will explore some of the disastrous real-world consequences of overly simplistic metrics and suggest how tools from information theory and statistics can help us tell the right stories and make better decisions.

09.59am – Truthiness in Advertising

Sorry for radio silence. My laptop decided to die. Gotta love the macbook.

During my technical break, Richard Shotton, the Deputy Head of Evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD, has been taking the audience through ‘truthiness’ in advertising in our second keynote of the morning.

Stephen Colbert, the American comedian, coined the word ‘truthiness’ to refer to arguments not based on fact but what we want to be true.

Unfortunately, marketing is plagued by ‘truthiness’ – too many people passionately promote stories about what builds brands without troubling themselves as to whether there is any evidence.

Richard is discussing examples of popular theories in marketing – such as brand purpose – which are based on assertion rather than fact, and suggesting ways in which we can get advertising back on track.

09.39am – The Limitless Value of Twitter

Our first keynote this morning is from Twitter’s Joe Rice.

There is still a view within many organizations that social media is just another marketing channel. And while social has proved a powerful way to promote a brand, less is understood and appreciated about the insights derived from social data and how it can improve decision making and customer insight in the process.

In this talk we are hearing a whole load of Twitter Data use cases for helping brands to improve and providing delightful experiences for their customers.

From saving lives through natural disaster alerts to monitoring potential harmful symptoms from the latest drugs, Twitter Data has unlimited value and near limitless applications.

We hearing how brands use Twitter Data to launch their latest product, solve customer issues for less, and drive purchase intent.

I’ve just eaten three pastries. Four pastries.

09.19am – Main ballroom


Last night this magician turned a ball into a lime and then made an orange appear out of nowhere. MIND. BLOWN.

There’s more magic, for starters. I’m so incredibly jazzed about this. And it sounds like everyone else is too.

Updates to follow – check back for more and follow @Brandwatch and the #NYKCONF hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

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