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Published November 6th 2015

October Update: Get to Social Intelligence Faster

Quality social intelligence starts with high quality data and gets you to decisions quickly, so in October we introduced improvements to Brandwatch’s data and released even more pre-built Dashboards and content to help you get to social intelligence even faster.

Here are some of the highlights.

React quickly with Trends Dashboard

Nathaniel Hansen, of The Socializers, won our use-case Dashboard contest by inventing the Trends Dashboard, which you can use to uncover valuable marketing moments and PR opportunities.

It uncovers the trends, conversations and people influencing an important topic or hashtag.


The Trends Dashboard includes five tabs, which are ready instantly with your specified Query:

  • Trending: Now React quickly to valuable marketing and PR opportunities as they happen with this real-time trend detection and analysis.
  • Trending: 7 Days Get a better understanding of the influencers, sub-topics and important discussions that shape and inform your trends with a breakdown of conversations over the last week.
  • Twitter Buzz Stay well-informed- this tab keeps help you understand everything that is happening on Twitter about your brand in the last day or over the last week.
  • Categories Segment your data, compare the sub-topics within your conversations and see how their trends compare over time.
  • Around the World Understand where in the world relevant conversations are focused, comparing the key themes being talked about in different regions.

More accurate sentiment supplies more data to analyze

Our experts audit our sentiment rules monthly, looking at thousands of mentions, refining and adding to the rules where necessary.

In October, we added many new English language rules to our sentiment classifier to improve recall (the proportion of mentions assigned positive or negative, rather than neutral sentiment).


This means that about 10% more English mentions are now classified as positive or negative and you’ll now get a better idea of the sentiment around the conversations you care about.

Learn Brandwatch skills from ExpertBuilt content in Insights Central

There is no limit to what you are able to do with the Brandwatch platform, but at times the possibilities are overwhelming. We want our users to start discovering and putting to use actionable insights that it usually takes an expert user to uncover as soon as they log in.

We want everyone to be an instant social intelligence expert.

That’s why we’ve added new ExpertBuilt Projects to Insights Central, where any of our users can access detailed use-case oriented Projects built by our experienced Professional Services team, for free.


Each Project looks at real data from a well-known brand and shows how Brandwatch can be used to create real value and drive business decisions in areas such as Influencer Marketing, Content Strategy and Campaign Measurement.

Soon, users will also be able to copy entire Projects from Insights Central to their own account, allowing them to study the Queries, Rules, Lists and Filters behind each Project to understand how they work, and develop their own skills so they can modify any Project to work for their brand or create complex Projects of their own.

Easier to find languages in the Query builder

In order to make all of our newly-supported languages easy to find, we introduced new language organization in the Query Builder.

You can easily search and select the language(s) you need with a new search bar, as well as see which languages have full vs. basic support (languages with basic support have an asterisk).

Understand the context of social with Vizia Weather and Analytics Apps

Vizia is Brandwatch’s social intelligence hub that answers important questions in real-time to equip decision makers with the intelligence to make better decisions, faster.

We know social data is more powerful when blended with other data, because understanding the context of the data is crucial to making great decisions.


So we’ve built an App framework for integrating new data types with social data, and we launched our first two apps: the Vizia Weather App which gives you insights about how weather is driving social trends, and the Vizia Google Analytics App which helps you understand how your social efforts influence web traffic.

For help using any of these latest updates, Brandwatch users can visit the Help Center.

You can also read more details in October’s ‘What’s Next’ guide, get in touch with us to find out more.


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