Oi’14 : The True Influence of a Great Audience Marketing

By Chelsea Varney on April 14th 2014


Nothing grabs your attention more than this cheeky Welsh event.

Based at Cardiff University, Oi’14 ( aka Online Influence Conference) is an educational and inspiring gathering for attendees.

Some insightful speakers wowed the audience, including James Eder, Co-Founder of Student Beans.

Alongside other technology big dogs like Twitter, Hootsuite and Google+, Brandwatch provided a kick-ass masterclass to the 200-strong audience.

But, you can’t expect us to attend an event on influence and not measure who was the most influential and what was trending!

So here’s a quick analytical overview of Oi’14.


The build up


In the months leading to the anticipated event, Twitter was the place where people went to discuss their excitement.

The build up of mentions was significant in the days before Oi’14.

An enormous jump in mentions was experienced in the final week before the event.

The mention count went from 17 on the Monday to just over 60 the day before Oi’14.


Chatter around Oi


A surge of tweets was experienced on the day with attendees and speakers using the #oi14 with gusto.

The hashtag was tweeted nearly 400 times as people wanted to share their experiences and thoughts on the sessions.

The biggest tweeter of the day was @iagdotme who tweeted over 50 times in relation to the event.

Other prolific authors included @danspicer and @CardiffNewsPlus.


Author oi

A variety of topics were discussed on the day.

This included the four different Masterclasses and our partner, Hootsuite, which dominated the conversation.

We were particularly pleased to see that Brandwatch was mentioned over 80 times and our Masterclass presenters, Ben Hackett and Mike Brackpool, also featured in the main topics of the day.


Topic Cloud oi


The Audience


Using our demographic feature we could see the main passions of the people who tweeted about Oi’14.

Business and sport were the main interests of the commenters of Oi’14.

The audience was split pretty evenly on the day with 46% of the tweets coming from women.

Unsurprisingly, 32% of those who tweeted were in the profession of Sales/Marketing/PR.

top professions oi


What was sensational about Oi’14 was the involvement of the audience.

Using the hashtag and tweeting regularly meant that the event received a vast amount of impressions.

The WOM element will have a great impact as we expect the event to go from strength to strength.


Chelsea Varney


Chelsea works as Events and Marketing Operations here at Brandwatch. She loves cats and extremely sour sweets.

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