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Published April 19th 2011

Product Update: 19 April 2011

We make updates to the Brandwatch platform every week, but some weeks they are mainly refinements to the current system rather than additional new features.

As this is the case this week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about some of the particularly interesting features we are excitedly working away on at the moment.

Influence Metrics

It’s a topic of much debate in the sector, but one thing for sure is that influence metrics are important to help users understand how important a mention, a site, a blog, a forum thread or an author is. With this information users can then prioritise their activities, whether they’re engagement or research based. Although Brandwatch already offers the following metrics: mozRank, backlinks, followers (Twitter), we are working on adding more.

Each type of page (e.g. forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and so on) is associated with various different metrics which can give an indication of how busy or important the page is. As part of the development process for this feature, we have been working to determine which of these metrics will provide the most accurate and comprehensive insights without overloading the user with data.

You’ll have to wait a little longer for the full announcement of this feature and which metrics we’ll be using, but it will certainly be an exciting step forward for how Brandwatch helps you prioritise and analyse the data that matters most.

Facebook/Twitter Publishing

A key development we will be releasing very soon is a feature which will allow direct publishing on Facebook and Twitter from within the Brandwatch platform.

Currently users must visit an external page in order to publish content on Facebook or reply to a mention on Twitter. However, with this development, users will be able to react to conversations and publish on these key social networks without leaving Brandwatch or opening any new pages.

Look out for the official announcements of these features in the coming Product Updates.

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