Product Update: Enhanced User Interface and Live Mentions Product

By Fabrice Retkowsky on September 27th 2011

This week you’ll notice several elements of Brandwatch that have been redesigned. Certain processes have been streamlined and the look and feel of the interface has been enhanced throughout.

The aim of the changes is to make Brandwatch as clear, simple and enjoyable to use as possible.

Component Previews

This aspect will make the most difference in your day-to-day use of Brandwatch.

We now display previews of each type of component to help you faster determine which ones will show you what you need. Just click “Add a Component” to see the preview box, then roll over each type:

For a full break-down of the interface updates, please take a look at this document, put together our Trainer, Helen.

Live Mentions

This is a simple yet significant change to Brandwatch.

Now when you’re viewing your data in the Mentions component, tick the “Live Stream” box and you see a button appearing as soon as Brandwatch has picked up any new mentions for your query – click the button and the component will reload to show the new mentions.

We believe this feature will improve the app’s offering for all users, but particularly those in a customer service or reputation management capacity who need to know about mentions of their brand as soon as they happen.

We hope you enjoy the updates and, as always, please let us know what you think!