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New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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Published July 30th 2012

Product Update: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

This weekend we mourned the loss of one of our forefathers, old Granddad Brandwatch, or 3.9 as it was known to its friends. Yesterday the life support machine was switched off, as we whispered our tender goodbyes to a formerly great hero of ours.

It was also a day of celebration however, as the Brandwatch pendulum continues to swing. While 3.9 joins Brandwatch versions 1 and 2 in the cyber graveyard, we look towards the future, with the current 6.3 version of Brandwatch enjoying rampant success and accumulating features at a ridiculous rate.

As a mark of respect for the tool 3.9 was, allow us to take you on a journey through Brandwatch’s release history since version 4 swooped in and replaced the old fellow – December 2009 – showing you the highlights (a mere fraction of everything else we’ve done) of our updates since then.









January: radically improved our YouTube coverage

February: implemented the raw: operator to our query creation

March: introduced Categories, Tags and Stars

April: launched our new website

May: created the Summary screen for Dashboards

June: workflow features and Assignment added

July: dynamic and highly customisable charting components

August: mentions pop-up for easy data validation

September: kept up to date with rising popularity of Chrome by supporting it

October: integrated MozRank data into the tool

November: superior NEAR/n operator brought in to replace the ~

December: now able to provide exact timestamps of all mentions








January: now take data straight from Facebook API

February: bulk abilities are available for mass tagging etc

March: email Alerts can be set up

April: engagement from directly in the app, for Twitter and Facebook

May: notification system for all app users

June: revamp of the Dashboard setup and UI

July: support for Chinese language

August: ability to export charts as images

September: realtime streaming of mentions in interface


November: advanced Rules creation for incoming data

December: Dashboards are now shareable among users








January: added geolocation map component

February: Topics now editable on-the-fly

March: Authors component and metadata

April: Random Tagging for sampling of large data-sets

May: Threshold Alerts for smart notification of data changes

June: Kred integration for even more influence data

July: fine-grained location data for selected countries

It’s been a manic, fun and challenging three years. Here’s to the next three, and to all the exciting features that we’ll come out with by then!


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