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Published February 2nd 2012

Product Update: Horizontal Percentage Graphs & Lots More

This week we’ve got a whole suite of updates to tell you about. There’s nothing as earth-shattering as an amazing new feature that lets you print money, but we’ve been listening to you guys and working hard to make our tool a better product, specifically with regard to our user interface.

Horizontal Graphs

One of the most useful features we’ve added is the new chart type. Under the ‘change view’ menu, users are now able to select two types of horizontal chart views.

The first is akin to our existing stacked bar charts, but presented from a flipped perspective. The second is a bit more novel, now granting users the option to view data using percentages, rather than total volume.

This means that whereas before you can get a decent impression of how trends occur, you can now observe percentage shares side-by-side. In this chart below, the monthly volume of mentions is plotted, as well as being split into positive, neutral and negative sentiment.

Although you are able to see the difference in percentage share, the initial impression would be that August was a ‘good’ month for the brand in question. Further inspection, through the use of the new percentage graph shows otherwise.

This graph reveals that August was in fact a poor month in terms of sentiment, as although the volume of mentions increased, the percentage of those mentions that were positive actually decreased. The graph also highlights the significance of the drop in positive mentions for October and November.

The charts can also easily show the comparison of other criteria, such as share of voice or page types. Previously, when using visuals such as pie charts, it is not immediately obvious how to compare the data, as they are not shown side-by-side.

With the horizontal percentage graph however, it’s much easier to see that Twitter has dominated discussion of the cheesecake flavour, but has almost evaded the other two categories.

It allows analysts to play with the new percentages to reveal previously hidden insight, and there are dozens of ways our power users could think of to use this new chart format.

Review Site Coverage

We’ve improved out coverage of review sites, which means for various websites instead of tracking a page of reviews and listing it as a single mention, the Brandwatch tool now picks apart these pages and tracks each comment review as a separate mention.

This update completes this process across a number of review sites, including Amazon, Yelp and Ciao.

Added ‘je ne sais quoi’ to Our Sentiment Analysis

The Brandwatch analysis team have used the help of some skilled linguists to create a new bespoke French rules-based classifier. This will help improve our sentiment analysis of all mentions in French, as we can now use our Hybrid technique for the language.

You can read more about how our sentiment analysis works soon, which will be discussed in an upcoming paper we’re producing.

Other Goodies

We’ve updated some small features to try and improve the user experience of our app. The search box within queries has been moved to the top of the controls column and pops out to show an expanded text box for better cohesion when creating longer search strings.

Tags are also now generated on the fly when Rules are being created, without the need for users to make them before setting a new Rule.

Other Brandwatch users that are sharing projects with you are now listed in alphabetical order for simpler navigation than before.

The pop-out mentions section features a new maximise button, allowing users to view the component in full screen.

The Mentions Map component introduced last week has an improved scaling algorithm that means the colouring of countries is now more visually relevant.

We listened to some of your comments and took them on board. Let us know what you think of all the updates and work we do here at Brandwatch, and fill us in if you have any thoughts, ideas or comments!

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