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Published October 31st 2011

Product Update: Mentions Profiling and Enhanced Charting

It’s another week with two big changes being made to Brandwatch. We have expanded the possibilities available in the Chart component and also added a whole new feature – Mentions Profiling.

Enhanced Charting

The Chart component already offers an extensive list of ways to graphically present your data, and this week we have added to these as well as enhancing the ways you can view the charts.

When creating a chart, you choose two variables (one for the X axis and one for the Y axis) to present your data by. With this week’s update, you can now also view your data by an hourly breakdown; across countries; by top-level domain and by mozRank.

Hourly (by days):

Below is an example of some data being shown for each hour, over 2 days (the chart is zoomed in to show the interesting part of the 2 days). The data is tweets including #BBCapprentice, covering the evening of an episode showing on BBC Two and the following day.

We see that there is a huge spike in conversation at 9-10pm when the show was aired; then a period of quiet during the following night and then a sustained period of 50-100 tweets per hour throughout the day after from 7-8am onwards:

Countries (by days):

Here’s another example of the new charting options, this time showing the volume of conversation in different countries over 7 days. The data is mentions of “Full Tilt”, the online poker company, and US mentions have been excluded in order to show the other countries more clearly (the high percentage of US mentions meant the graph was hard to read):

The total list of chart variables is now as follows:

Hours (new)
Page type
Query only
Query group
Site group
Countries (new)
TLD* (new)
MozRank (new)

*TLD is top-level domain, i.e. “.com”, “.org”, “.net” and so on.

Mentions Profiling

This is a fantastic brand new feature which can help you build better pictures about the sites and people mentioning your brand. In the Mentions component, you’ll now see a small icon next to the mention title – clicking it brings up a profile, either of the page (and site) it’s from or the author


For tweets, we can now show you detailed information about that Twitter user, including the number of times they are retweeted (for their last 100 tweets), when they joined Twitter and a detailed breakdown of their Klout score – we even integrate their Twitter location data with Google Maps to show you where they are!

The Rest

With other mentions, such as blogs or forums, there are three things we can show you.

First is the popularity of that URL; in other words how many times it has been shared on Twitter, Digg and Facebook. With posts from high profile blogs, these numbers are likely to be much higher.

Using Google Reader, we can also show you a list of authors associated with the RSS feed for that page/site.

Finally, using Google’s Social Graph we are also able to show you other sites connected with that URL (or the whole domain if you choose). This is particularly useful when compiling profiles of potential influencers, for example; when a mention is found on a blog, you can quickly see a list of social profiles that Google thinks are connected to that blog. It’s very impressive, give it a go!

Training Documents

Here are the full update documents containing all the how-tos you should need to get going with these new additions to the Brandwatch application:

Enhanced Charting
Mention Profiles

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