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Published August 22nd 2011

Product Update: New Top Tweeters Component

We’re very excited about this week’s update to Brandwatch – as well as a very snappy redesign of the Mentions component, we have also launched a whole new shiny component.

Top Tweeters

In Brandwatch’s “Top Sites” tab, you’ll find components displaying the sites from each page type (Overall, News, Blogs, Forums) where your query has found most mentions.

This week we have added to this tab, with the Top Tweeters component:

The Top Tweeters component shows you the top Twitter accounts (or Tweeters) mentioning your brand or topic. You can sort the list by Followers (default), number of tweets, number of positive or negative tweets, and so on.

It’s a great way to quickly see the most followed people talking about you on Twitter or those who talk about you most on Twitter – whether it’s good or bad, so you can see who you should be monitoring more closely, what they’re saying and who you should be connecting with. In the Controls, you can adjust the filters in various ways – view only your top negative Tweeters, choose how many you want to see in your list, select only Tweeters with a certain number of followers and so on.

Bio and Quick-follow

Hover over a username for a pop-up box that includes their Twitter bio, follower stats and a Follow button. Once you’re signed in to Twitter through Brandwatch you’ll be able to follow people with just one click. It makes sense to ensure you’re following the people talking about you!

Klout and PeerIndex

You’ll also see two icons in the username column, one for PeerIndex and one for Klout. Clicking these will take you to the respective profile of that user on the social measurement sites. Checking scores on these sites can add a useful dimension to understanding that person’s influence online, supplementing stats like number of followers.

Mentions Component Redesign

As we’ve added in more stats columns into the Mentions component over the past few weeks, we felt it was time for a bit of a revamp to the layout. Nothing’s changed functionality wise, the default columns are still the same and you can add more by clicking “Show/Hide Columns”.

Here’s the full guide to the update: Download PDF

We hope you find the new features enhance your experience using Brandwatch, and as always please do let us know what you think.

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