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Upcoming Webinar: What does it mean to be consumer fit?

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Published February 25th 2014

Product Update: Three Exciting New Vizia Scenes

It’s quite strange for us to think that Brandwatch Vizia, our social media command center product, was launched six months ago.

Things have come a long way since then, culminating in the recent Spark 44/Mindshare project, in which they used Vizia for Jaguar’s Super Bowl campaign.

We’ve also been working hard on the development side of things since then, and are now proud to announce that we’ve just launched three brand new Vizia Scenes: the Mention Viewer Scene, the Popular Content Scene and the Influencer Globe scene.

If you’re not familiar with our sometimes-abstract nomenclature, Scenes are individual data visualizations that show data from whichever Query or Channel (erm … data sources – either web searches or feeds from your Twitter or Facebook profile) you want to plug into them.

Each scene shows a different aspect of the data in a dynamic and animated way.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new Scenes available.

Mention Viewer Scene



This scene displays key mentions from your Query and cycles through five top mentions according to your chosen criteria, such as most recent, most retweeted or most impactful.

Popular Content Scene


Brandwatch Vizia - Popular Content Scene

This scene highlights the most popular content being shared about your brand in real time. The aim here is to bring alive the key stories being circulated about your brand or in your market or area of interest.

The scene is based on data collated in the past 48 hours.

Influencer Globe



The Influencer Globe Scene is based on our original launch Globe scene, and cycles through the top 10 influencers (sorted by impact) for the last 24 hours.

It displays one Twitter author at a time, as the globe spins to the tweet’s geographical origin – along with the author’s location, Kred influence score and recently Query-related tweets.

Keep an eye on our blog next month for some really exciting news about one of our clients that’s using Vizia in an amazing way.

We’ll leave you with some handy links if you’d like more information:

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