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Published March 11th 2013

Product Update: Twitter Insights Galore

We all love Twitter right? Well, whether you’re a fan of expressing yourself in 140 characters or not, Twitter’s popularity cannot be denied; there are an estimated 200 million active users of the service and around half a billion tweets posted everyday (that’s more tweets than there are books in the world, every day).

So, when it comes to monitoring conversation about your brand, Twitter is clearly an important platform to be analysing.

That’s why we’ve developed a new feature purely focused on analysing Twitter conversation. We think this type of Twitter analysis is unique to Brandwatch (correct us if you think we’re wrong!) and are excited to be able to offer this level of insight to our users.

The new Twitter Insights component takes all the tweets found within your Query and brings back a whole host of useful information. It’s particularly suited to market researchers, campaign managers and brand reputation managers, but of course it will have a whole host of uses for different users.

Below is a quick run down of the Insights the component gives you access to, along with some examples of how it can be useful.

For each of the entries in the table, also displayed are the number of tweets, retweets, total tweets (tweets and retweets summed) and impressions – the sum of all followers of all who tweeted or retweeted (i.e. the potential number of users).

Top Stories

TI stories
This table highlights the most shared URLs within the tweets found by your Query, allowing you to understand what those talking about your brand are sharing. That could be a link to your own content, or perhaps they’re sharing a news story about you, or a link to a competitor.

When it comes to reputation and crisis management, this means you can understand what stories about your brand are being spread, and can clarify if misinformation is being shared. It’ll also make you aware when a new story is being shared about your brand, so that you can react as necessary.

For campaign managers, it allows you to measure the success of your campaigns by showing which online content has the broadest reach and is shared the most. It can also give insight into which types of content are being shared the most (i.e. if there are lots of YouTube links, or Instagram photos etc).

Understanding what links people are sharing can also be interesting for market researchers, as it gives an insight into the types of content the particular audience consumes and shares.

Top Hashtags TI hashtahs
Hashtags are a vital part of Twitter nowadays. They allow tweeters to add ‘side comments’ to their tweets, follow conversations about certain topics, and find and connect with others talking about their interests. They are also a powerful tool in campaigns and social media strategy.

This table shows the hashtags used most within tweets in your Query.

For market researchers, the most used hashtags table helps understand the phrases and topics that a particular audience are most likely to use, and therefore what their interests are. Knowing what your target audience think and talk about on Twitter can impact future marketing campaigns or product development.

Campaign managers can also use the top hashtags table to see how well promotional or official hashtags are being picked up and used, and also understand which other hashtags are used alongside, or instead of, them.

If unexpected or negative hashtags are being used, this can then be investigated to understand why.

Most Mentioned Tweeters TI tweeters
We’ve long had top tweeters in the app, allowing you to see which tweeters mention your brand or topic most.

Now, the new Twitter Insights component allows you to see the most mentioned tweeters within your Query too. This gives an insight into who the influencers and authorities are within discussion about your brand.

Those who are being mentioned or retweeted often are likely to have an influence within discussion about your brand; perhaps they are an advocate or a detractor. Most mentioned tweeters allows you to find out who those people are, and look into why they are mentioned by those discussing your brand.

For campaign managers, understanding who is associated with the campaign and why presents opportunities to engage with those tweeters and thus further the reach of the campaign.

Top Emoticons

TI Emoticons
Like hashtags, emoticons can be a good indication of the tone and sentiment of conversation about a brand or topic.

The most used emoticons table allows you to see, at a glance, which emotions people are attaching to their tweets, which can then be looked into further to understand why.

If you see a sudden influx of negative emoticons, for example, this might be cause for concern and an indication that sentiment towards your brand has changed. This can then be investigated to understand why, and act as appropriate.

So that’s an overview of our new Twitter Insights feature. There’s so much more we could say, but we’ll let you play with it and discover more yourselves.

As always, we’d love your feedback, so please do contact us if you have any thoughts or comments. Also, we’re always interested in hearing how you use the app, so if you’ve found a use for the component that we haven’t mentioned here, do let us know!

If you are an existing client, you can find out more about Twitter Insights here.

If you’re not a client but are interested in becoming one (and why wouldn’t you be!) request a free demo today and we’ll be happy to show you what Brandwatch can do.


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