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Published January 24th 2018

Product Update: What’s new in 2018

Find out how we've updated our Brandwatch products again to get them to their best. We're constantly evaluating to make sure we offer the ultimate tools.

The holiday season is now beginning to feel like a distant memory but the Brandwatch elves have been busy in the last month wrapping up some extra treats for our users.

There’s some tweaks and new features by popular request and some updates laying the groundwork for the exciting year of product development ahead.

Brandwatch Audiences: New faster platform

Our influencer-discovery and audience-analysis tool, Brandwatch Audiences, has been dramatically improved. Even the most complex searches and analysis of our database of over 500m people now takes just a few moments. For example it can now sort through the followers of three of the most followed accounts in the world to see who follows all of them.

This is great news for Audiences customers who will see results up to 100x faster. With the ability to search by bio, tweet content, demographics and interests as well as the followers of any Twitter account, Audiences is the fastest way to find and understand the people that matter to you.

But what’s even more exciting is what this will make possible in Audiences later this year. We’re adding deeper analysis of who and what your audience is talking about, building a content and influencer discovery and market research tool that works at scale – instantly.

Image Insights

In December, Instagram data was added to Image Insights. You can now sort the Mentions and Search component by Instagram interactions. This allows you to see images with your logos on Instagram in the same order as they appear in the Image Wall which is great for tagging and marking up these posts as you look through them.

The single image view in Image Insights also now shows a count of which mention is being looked at and the total number of images, so it’s easier to know how many you’ve checked if going through image-by-image.

Brandwatch Analytics

Create a rule from topics component

You can now quickly create a rule directly from the topics component by clicking on a word in the topic cloud. This makes it easy to categorize mentions of a new keyword you’ve noticed without having to leave your dashboard.

Edit rules and dashboard names

It’s now possible to quickly edit the name of any rule or dashboard from their respective lists. This was previously only possible for queries. Clicking the pencil icon brings up a simple popup.

Failed data downloads

You can now see when a data download has failed and then choose to cancel or retry. Previously failed downloads just got stuck at 0%. There is also an option to contact support if the download continues to fail.

Burst Metric

‘Burst’ is a valuable Brandwatch metric that is used to create topic growth comparison charts. The description of how burst is actually calculated has been updated in the filters and topics component table-view so that you can understand better what these numbers mean and make use of them.

Burst is calculated by looking at mentions of a topic over a given period of time and giving the amount of times it appeared in the second half of that period as a percentage of all mentions. So a 0-50% burst indicates it is a fading topic, and 51-100% indicates it is a topic growing in popularity over the period you are looking at.

Check back for more updates, including some big, exciting new features very soon!


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