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Published January 15th 2016

React: Awards to Anthems: This Week’s Social Media Round-up

Brandwatch looks at data surrounding some of the biggest trends on social this week

It’s been a solid week on social.

From a $1.6bn Powerball draw to the latest fiery GOP debate, there’s been plenty to talk about and talk you did.

#GoldenGlobes and #OscarNoms

The excitement from Sunday’s 73rd annual Golden Globes ceremony spilled into this week, igniting buzz for the rest of the upcoming awards season.

Oscar Nominations were released by The Academy on Thursday, sending Twitter wild – excluding retweets we found nearly 40,000 mentions of #OscarNoms.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s nomination for Actor in a Leading Role was perhaps the biggest talking point with many rooting for the actor to receive his first Oscar after famously being nominated for and then rejected by the awards four times already.

Following his Golden Globe win on Sunday we found over 7,000 mentions of “Leonardo Dicaprio” and “Oscar”. Meanwhile, he was mentioned in 75% of all Leading Actor mentions, leaving Bryan Cranston, Eddie Redmayne, Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender quaking.

Oscar Noms 1

A peach-y new social network

This week saw the rise to fame of Peach, a new social network from the co-founder of Vine that’s getting a lot of attention.

It quickly climbed into the top 10 social networking apps in the App Store, with many rushing to give it a go. The app currently only runs on iOS, angering some Android users, but general buzz suggests it could be the breakthrough social network of 2016.

Positive reviews peach copy

The loss of legends felt across social

This week saw the tragic losses of musical icon David Bowie and acting legend Alan Rickman, and social responded with thousands of heartfelt posts.

The announcement of David Bowie’s death on Monday inspired 3 million tributes online.

Alan Rickman’s sad passing on Thursday saw Twitter light up with messages, many of which celebrated his life on screen and stage. “Slytherin” trended as Harry Potter fans shared tear-inducing farewells to popular character Professor Severus Snape, and his talent and personality were praised by co-stars and friends.

Huge Powerball draw ignites imaginations

Wednesday saw 1.2 million tweets discussing the Powerball jackpot which stood at $1.6bn.

With thousands of people dreaming about #ifiwonpowerball and using #powerball to discuss the draw, the combined impressions for the two most popular hashtags hit an incredible 530 million.

There are three lucky winning tickets, one purchased in California, one in Tennessee and one in Florida.

6th Republican debate gets huge mentions

There were two big moments in American politics this week that captured social’s attention.

The first was President Obama’s State of the Union on Tuesday. Mentions about the event exceeded 1.5million, rendering a map of the USA almost unrecognisable on our geotagged mentions map.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 13.13.41_BW

Thursday’s GOP debate was the second, which accumulated thousands of mentions as candidates clashed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 09.31.38

Taxes and foreign affairs were the two topics that really fuelled online conversation, while gun control took a back seat despite its prominence within the debates.

You can read our #GOPdebate social round-up here.

#FriendsReunion minus Chandler

Twitter went crazy when it was announced this week that a two-hour Friends reunion special will air in February on NBC in tribute to director, James Burrows.

Friends reunion1

Excitement soon turned to anger, however, when Matthew Perry (who plays Chandler) revealed he wouldn’t be joining the Friends reunion show because of commitments to his West End show in London.

And finally…

Our quirky trend of the week is once again from the UK, where the English national anthem is being called into question.

MPs will be voting on whether England will keep ‘God Save the Queen’ or adopt a new anthem, and Twitter was keen to suggest alternatives.

#NationalAnthem trended in the UK on Wednesday and while hundreds chimed in with suggestions, it looks like ‘Jerusalem’ is the favorite.

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