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Published January 14th 2019

CES 2019 Social Data Analysis + Why it Can Pay to Get Banned

A run down of the top brands, products, and moments of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show as it played out on social media

The Consumer Electronics Show is a great example of how the online and physical worlds can interact with each other.

In the past, such a show might be reported on by journalists in newspapers and on TV and people would learn from them about the hottest innovations of the day. We still have journalists and TV and newspapers, but we’ve also got something extra – a dynamic system for information distribution that has no real rules and that people can essentially up- or down-vote. It’s called social media, and it’s this that can determine whether or not something is going to take off.

We tracked 483k mentions of CES from across public social media channels to find out what the most prominent moments were for those in and outside of the walls of CES.

Google is the biggest brand

Google was the top mentioned brand within CES conversations this year, followed by Samsung and Intel.

The top 10 brands mentioned in CES 2019 conversation

Brand name Number of mentions
Google 22k
Samsung 17k
Intel 16k
Amazon 15k
YouTube 13k
CNET 12k
Apple 12k
LG 11k
AMD 11k
IBM 8k
Data via @BW_React | Gathered from across public social media channels

If we were to remove media distribution names YouTube and CNET, Hyundai and Lenovo would also make the top 10.

Top moment: The AMD Radeon VII

The biggest spike in CES 2019 mentions occurred at 9AM PT on 9 January, with AMD and “Radeon VII” driving the mentions.

AMD was front a centre for the following 11k social media mentions spike.

It’ll reportedly ship for $699 on 7 February.

Whether or not the social media hype will translate into commercial success remains to be seen.

A largely positive experience 😀

Emotions are important when it comes to how people view your brand or products.

We took a broad look at emojis surrounding the show to see how people felt and it seems like (other than the fairly neutral trademark-related symbols) people had a jolly good time.

Of course, its important to get more granular than this to find out exactly how people feel about your product range. Get in touch if you’d like to take a deeper look.

Why it can pay to get banned

There was one story in particular that came out of CES 2019 that we wanted to take a closer look at. You may have heard about it – the sex toy for women that was apparently banned from CES 2019 after winning an innovation award.

The item in question, named Osé and from creators Lori DiCarlo, was apparently included for the award by mistake by the CTA (organizers of the CES).

The story sparked a debate about sexism at CES, and we found over 2.1k mentions of the banned product in our CES mentions – a number that might not have been achieved without the “banned” story attached to it.

We saw something similar happen in our UK Christmas ads analysis – Iceland, a supermarket, climbed to second place in our rankings despite their advert being banned from television screens.

When established entities try to cover something up it tends to just come out bigger. That’s what the internet does.

Got a question about our data? Email [email protected]

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