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Published March 11th 2016

React: Cheerios to Apple Reveals: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes the biggest trends of the week in the latest social media round-up

As the weekend approaches we’ve taken a look back at the week’s biggest trends.

While this week has lacked a defining moment of drama (see last week’s Kylie vs. Kylie debacle), there’s been plenty to discuss on the more serious side this week.

Well, mostly.


Kicking off the week just how you should kick off every morning, Twitter celebrated with cereal.

Our very scientific research suggested that Cheerios and Lucky Charms were the most popular cereals of choice in terms of social share of voice.


Even fictional characters got involved and @sonic_hedghog was the most mentioned account associated with the hashtag.


This was a whopping event on Twitter, generating over 2 million mentions from all across the world. Brands, organizations and individuals all got involved in the international celebration.

Int Womens Day

Perhaps surprisingly for some, @KimKardashian was the most mentioned tweeter on International Women’s Day, with her account generating 16,273,404 in relation to the event. Perhaps it had something to do with that selfie…

Drama in the wizarding world

J.K. Rowling shook things up this week by releasing the first of a four-part series on the History of Magic in North America on Pottermore. While some celebrated, some were angry.

These unbelievably influential Harry Potter super-fans (who, coincidentally, we identified and ranked this week) are sure to have opinions on the matter.

US elections heat up

Wednesday and Thursday saw fiery Democratic and Republican debates.

The Democratic debate proved fairly underwhelming in terms of sentiment towards candidates and you can read our full analysis here.

Thursday’s GOP debate saw foreign affairs dominate, as well as big moments for candidates in what was potentially the most mature Republican debate yet. Read our full write-up here.

Topics final

Apple announcement

Apple have sent out invites to their spring event in California where they’re expected to launch new models of the iPhone, iPad Pro and new things coming to the Apple Watch.

Apple event

The announcement of the date has got 10k mentions before midday in the US and expectations are high.

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