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Published February 19th 2016

React: Deadpool, & Wine: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch takes a look at the biggest trends of the week

Another week, another jam-packed internet teeming with hashtags and trending stories.

It’s just your luck that we’re here to round up the biggest and best of social stories this week.

How did you spend your Sunday?

The weekend closed out with what some would argue is the most romantic day of the year, although not everyone was so convinced.

In other news, one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the year was released just in time for the big day.

Deadpool smashed a number of box office records and Reynolds delighted fans with a 86% positive score on sentiment categorized mentions and over 147,000 mentions on Sunday alone.

Glitz and glam

Sunday and Monday night played host to two very different awards shows.

The BAFTAs recognized the best of the film industry in the past year.

During the ceremony, the host for the night, Stephen Fry, jokingly compared Mad Men costume designer Jenny Beavan to a “bag lady”.

This was fuel to the proverbial internet fire as thousand of tweets came pouring in, many attacking Fry. The prolific tweeter later quit Twitter, claiming “the fun is over.”

On the other side of the pond the musical elite gathered in L.A for the Grammys. Read all about it here.

Not the best week for Jeb Bush

Donald Trump’s love for headlines means he is almost a permanent fixture in our weekly roundup.

The Jeb Bush campaign suffered another hit this week when the internet caught wind of the fact the redirects to the Trump campaign website. Trump’s people deny any involvement and it turns out Jeb isn’t alone.

All things American were brought into play when Bush tweeted a picture of his gun titled, “America”. Needless to say Twitter went wild.

Grab the remote

We know this is the social media round-up but boy does the internet enjoy a good TV show.

Not one, but two shows returned to our screens this week.

On Thursday, Season 32 of Survivor premiered on CBS while over on Comedy Central the gals from Broad City graced our TV sets for a third season.

On the night the shows received 3,967 and 13,642 mentions respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.44.12

However, both shows paled in comparison to what is the ongoing hype surrounding The Bachelor.

The seventh episode raked in a whopping 73,000 mentions on Tuesday evening. On the night, the main man, Ben, was the most mentioned while Emily was the most tweeted about celebrity.

Bottoms up

Many rejoiced on Friday’s eve as #NationalDrinkWineDay started trending on Twitter.

Wine lovers all over the world reached for the bottle while many exclaimed that every day is wine day. The hashtag accumulated 59.9k mentions on Thursday and, unsurprisingly, 96% of the mentions were positive.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.45.08

If you ever have any suggestions on something you’d like to see in the social roundup or on React in general, be sure to let us know.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on @BW_React.

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