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Published December 13th 2019

Dogs at Polling Stations: The 2019 Rundown

Who were the goodest boys and girls at the polling stations on December 12, and how did we get so obsessed?

Let’s have some much needed General Election 2019 relief!

I’ve collected a bunch of social media data using Brandwatch Consumer Research to bring you all of the vital details on the sweetest issue of our time:

  • How did we get so obsessed with #DogsAtPollingStations
  • Which doggo got the most attention this election?

The rise of #DogsAtPollingStations

It’s been a precarious four years. The UK has done a lot of voting.

  • 7 May 2015: General Election
  • 26 June 2016: EU Referendum
  • 8 June 2017: General Election
  • 3 May 2018: Local Elections
  • 12 December 2019: General Election

For each election, we’ve seen a spike in mentions of #DogsAtPollingStations:

The Rise of #DogsAtPollingStations

Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research

General Elections seem to give us the biggest spikes in #DogsAtPollingStations conversations, with 2017 and 2019’s giving us the largest number of posts.

It’s a trend that’s become more of a thing over time, although mentions for this General Election dropped compared to 2017’s (perhaps the cold weather meant many dogs stayed at home).

How many good doggos showed up for our enjoyment in the 2019 election?

There were 32,090 unique posts about puppers at polling stations yesterday on Twitter. Now that’s a lot of love! (Or roughly 128360 paws).

2019 #DogsAtPollingStations mentions

Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research

Which doggos reached the most eyeballs online?

Using Brandwatch’s Consumer Research tool, we found the doggos who cheered up the most people online (based on the reach score of the posts they appeared in.)

Mac was one doggo that stole the hearts of the country with his treats for the many, not the few. They achieved a reach score of 374,729:

Nick Acheson’s three-legged bestie also got a lot of attention online, with a reach of 657,122:

Kate’s lovely snap got the most eyeballs, proving it takes a village to reach a whole 807,710 people!

Well I hope I’ve lifted your spirits this afternoon! Now let’s paws for some applause for these cuties.

And, if you’d like something a little more serious, check out our election content below:

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