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Published January 20th 2017

Donald Trump Data: 10 Incredible Facts About An Unpresidented President

The Brandwatch React team delves into the numbers on America's 45th President. From wives to the actual size of his hands, experience Trump in numbers.

To mark inauguration day, the Brandwatch React team decided to crack open our vast archive of Donald Trump data.

You’ve read the headlines. Now experience the man in numbers:


The number of Donald Trump mentions we have analyzed since June 2015

Our US Elections data viz was tracking the Presidential race months before it was reduced to two candidates. You can find it here, or check out our new “TrumpWatch” viz which is live now.


The increase in negative sentiment towards Boeing after Trump lambasted them on Twitter

We monitored how Donald Trump’s tweets affected community sentiment towards the company (and others) for CNBC.

Trump’s tweets have the ability to send stock prices crashing.

7.25 inches

The length of Donald Trump’s right hand

That’s just below average, in case you were wondering. You can measure your hand against Trump’s by clicking here.


The number of seasons of The Apprentice Donald Trump hosted

The series’ most recent season, debuting in January 2017, is hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The number of Trump related tweets in a single minute as he became President-Elect

We were up late monitoring Election Day tweets, capturing the Trump victory in social data.


Donald Trump’s net worth

(According to Forbes estimate at the time of writing).


The number of lawsuits Trump and his businesses have reportedly been involved in

(According to USA Today in a data viz at the time of writing). Check out the full visualization to see the break down.


Donald Trump’s Twitter following at the time of writing

The new President also has a Brandwatch Audiences influence score of 95, making his account one of the most influential on Twitter.

Audiences determines an influence score by looking at a number of factors from follower to following ratio, ability to generate engagement and the number of influential people they interact with.

Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Barack Obama are still more influential according to our methodology, though we predict that this could change as Trump continues to use the platform to make important and unpredictable announcements and comments.


The number of women who have married Donald Trump

The new President also has five children – Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr, Tiffany and Barron Trump.

Melania Trump 2005 – present
Marla Maples 1993 – 1999
Ivana Trump 1977 – 1992

42 hours

The average amount of time it took for Trump to find a new target to insult on Twitter during his Presidential campaign.

This is an estimate made by Fortune based on a New York Times visualization of the people, places and things Trump had insulted between June 2015 and December 2016.

So much data to come

Trump’s Presidency will undoubtedly throw up hundreds of new social data points.

Stay tuned to Brandwatch React to hear them first.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? We have plenty more. Email us [email protected] for more information

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