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Published August 26th 2016

“Donald Trump is a _____”: The Internet Speaks

The Brandwatch React team analyzes data surrounding descriptions of Donald Trump. The results weren't pretty.

As the US Election drama nears boiling point candidates are pulling no punches.

With social bursting with political opinion and savagery, we’ve been following the race closely.

While we’ll be covering Clinton in a coming post, the Brandwatch React team took a look at ways tweeters have been describing Republican nominee Donald Trump.

A note to sensitive readers – our findings are from the internet and are not filtered. You may find offensive words in this post. 


Searching for mentions of “Donald Trump is a” and “@realdonaldtrump is a” for the last week (17-24 August) on Twitter, the team found 3,170 mentions excluding retweets. Spam mentions (accounts tweeting identical strings of text in excess of 20 times) were omitted.

The team then took the first 35 characters following those search strings and identified the words mentioned most frequently using an online word counting app.

The remaining data included raw mentions of “donald trump/realdonaldtrump is a” in tweets, including anything from tweeted news headlines to general musings.

“Donald Trump is a racist”

Having conducted the above analysis, “racist” came out as the most common term in the words immediately following “donald trump (or realdonaldtrump) is a” on Twitter.

Trump’s alleged racism is one of the key points Clinton is using to attack the Republican, so it’s a stinging result. This chart shows the top 20 nouns used to describe Trump.

Donald Trump is a 1

Tweeters have not held back on voicing their opinions.

Close behind “racist” is “con man/artist”, well ahead of mentions of Trump as a celebrated business man.

The word “man” was mentioned nearly 150 times, and not always in a negative context. Whether one of the key Clinton descriptors is “woman” will be interesting to find out in our next post.

But, again, quite a lot was negative.

The data’s not all bad, though – “politician”, “republican”, “american” and “candidate” are commonly used words that overtake a lot of the hate (and there was plenty more outside of the top 20).

A notable trend in the data was the creativity when it came to insulting Mr Trump. Here’s one of the least offensive nuggets we found.


Bad news?

While the words being used to describe Trump here aren’t all favorable, that’s not to say it’s bad news for Trump.

He’s been consistent in generating more online conversation than his Presidential competitors and has a dedicated online supporter base. His brazen manner has put some voters off but he’s an incredibly popular man – we’ll wait and see how it pans out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 16.08.05

Twitter is known for a more left-leaning user base so it will be interesting to see how Clinton’s mentions compare.

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